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Cash or Crash live

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At this online bingo site, we’ve seen our fair share of casino games. Yes, our speciality is bingo and will be for years to come, but that’s not to say we don’t love the likes of slots online as well as online table games. We sat for a short period a few years back wondering what big iGaming innovation would be coming next, and thank goodness it was the wave of live dealer casino games. These are such entertaining forms of gaming, and it feels like they always give us something new when another comes out. The latest we’re looking at is Cash or Crash Live, which packs the thrills and anticipation into your iGaming session. One of the mind-blowing aspects about it is that you have the potential to take in up to 50,000x your bet! Of course, progressive jackpots scattered through the myriad online slot games you can play here will always be the money makers, but 50,000x your stake is quite brilliant.

So, what is a live dealer casino game? These are titles that online casino players play by tuning into a live feed to an actual casino studio. The player will then have a genuine dealer operating the casino equipment, and thanks to some pretty handy technology, all prompts and buttons needed to place wagers and ask questions will be superimposed into the screen. There aren’t many studios better than Evolution Gaming creating these titles right now, and if you want to trial a few of their existing games, take a look at Dream Catcher or Mega Ball.

Cash or Crash Live is another one of these live dealer games and sees you either win cash or lose and see the cash crash away, losing your stake. The way you play Cash or Crash Live is actually very simple, so you should be up and running on the game quick sticks getting your thrills.

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How To Play Cash or Crash Live

You’ll be looking at a man or woman acting as the dealer, and you can bet your bottom dollar that whoever it is will be attractive. The dealer is standing next to a transparent orb that blows balls around, of which there are 24. Of those 24 balls, 11 are green, 7 are red, and 6 are gold.

As with every online casino game, you’ll need to place a wager, and the wagering options are shown right at the bottom of the screen. The dealer will indicate at which point players will need to select from the wagering options, after which the balls will start blowing around. From the 24 balls, one is selected to determine the result of the sequence. If a green ball is revealed, then your wager is successful, and you are paid a return. If a red ball is revealed, then you lose your cash.

The gold balls have an interesting function, which we’ll explain in a moment. But first, landing a green ball sees you move up one Genie Jackpots Megaways Online Slot Review of a sequence of tiers, where you have the chance to stay in the game and go for another green ball which will award a bigger return than the previous green ball awarded. This can continue until you reach the top of the ladder for a maximum win. If you stay in the game and find yourself on a tier and a gold ball lands, you'll remain where you are but will not be affected by a red ball landing.

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What To Look Out For

After every green ball, you’ll be able to cash out your winnings, as it isn’t compulsory to keep going up the ladder. Another option that is available is to cash out 50% of the payout from a green ball and continue up the ladder. The number of tiers you can move up is just below 20, but if you manage to go as far as Cash or Crash Live will allow, the final step will reward 50,000x your bet.

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Play Cash or Crash Live at Foxy Bingo

This is a very competent game, and as far as live dealer casino games go, it could be up there with the very best live dealer games out there. The option to cash out 50% of your win will be something players make the most of, while the game itself is something you can use to boost your bank balance.