Progressive jackpots

90 ball progressive jackpot games

When you play one of our great 90-ball games without a guaranteed jackpot, part of the ticket price goes towards a progressive jackpot. That means that the prize gets bigger when more people play. So, every time you play one of these fantastic games, you’re playing for a jackpot that keeps getting bigger and bigger.

To win a 90-ball progressive jackpot you need to bingo a full house in 36 calls or less.

Remember that guaranteed 90-ball jackpot games do not have a progressive jackpot.

75 ball progressive jackpot games

Every time you play a pattern game in a 75-ball jackpot, a bit of your ticket money goes towards the progressive jackpot that you’re all playing for.

To win a 75-ball progressive jackpot you need to bingo on the pattern game in 44 calls or less.

75 ball 5 line progressive jackpot games

Our 5 line progressive jackpot game works like a regular 75-ball game. Every time you wager on a 5 line bingo game some of your cash goes towards the 5 line progressive jackpot!

To win a 5 line progressive jackpot you need to bingo in 48 calls or less.