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Foxy’s ready to get your tail in a spin with his whirlwind 30-ball bingo games!

When you’ve only got time to grab a quick cup of coffee and relax for five minutes, you’re unlikely to get many bingo games under your belt. Luckily, Foxy’s got the perfect solution – 30 ball bingo!

30 ball bingo is commonly referred to as speed bingo due to the fast-paced nature of the game-play. So, whether you’re in a hurry or you simply prefer to whizz through as many games as possible and, therefore, boost your chances of winning prizes, this exciting game variant should be right up your street.

Many players would say that 30-ball games are simpler than other variants, which means that they’re well suited to newbies. To win a prize, you’ll need to cover all of the numbers on your ticket, which is randomly populated with a range of numbers from 1 to 30.

Because speed bingo uses considerably fewer numbers than 90-ball and 75-ball variants, the balls are drawn at a faster rate, and a new game starts every three minutes. When you play 30 ball bingo online at Foxy Bingo, you can pick up your tickets for as little as a penny and you can purchase between 1 and 96 tickets for each game.

Our software does all the hard work for you, so any numbers that are called which correspond with the numbers on your ticket are automatically marked off.

At Foxy Bingo, one of our 30-ball rooms is called Dirty Gertie (that’s number 30 in UK bingo caller terms). As well as awarding cash prizes to every winner, the Dirty Gertie Room also offers you the chance to scoop a £50 Speed PJP (N.B., progressive jackpot). If you manage to mark off all of the numbers on your ticket in nine calls, the jackpot is yours!

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