Bingo Glossary

90-Ball Bingo

As the UK's favourite Bingo game, it has it has somewhat become a national institution since the 1960s and is played in Bingo Halls all over the country. It is named after the 90 balls used in the game and to play you will need to purchase at least one ticket (but people normally buy more). Each card has three horizontal lines of five numbers, which means that there is 15 numbers in total. To win a prize you must complete three successful patterns, the first being a single line across, the second two lines across, and the third is filling all the numbers on the strip, usually known as a full house. The prize normally increases with each successful pattern and the game’s jackpot is awarded to the first player to complete a Full House.

75-Ball Bingo

The most popular form of bingo in Canada and the USA is 75-Ball Bingo. Like 90-ball bingo, it is named because of the 75 balls (numbered 1-75) used in the game. You need to buy 1-24 cards to play and the point of the game is to be the first player to bingo on the pre-determined pattern of the game. Patterns for 75 ball bingo can include coverall, heart, flower, star and more.


The secure online banking service used by our site to process all of our players’ financial transactions.


BPs stands for Bingo Points that can be exchanged for bingo cards. There are numerous ways to win bingo points, for example you can get them just from purchasing cards.

You can also win plenty of points in our chat room games, details of these games are in the chat room games section of this glossary.

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A card is the ticket you buy to play a bingo game. All of the cards are randomly generated when you request them. You must buy at least one card to play in a game. Card prices will range between 5p and £1. If you do not like the numbers on your cards, you can simply click the ‘GET NEW CARDS’ button to receive a new batch.

Chat Lingo

WTG (way to go), WD (well done) and BRB (be right back) are three of the most common phrases used in our chat rooms. Check out our Bingo Lingo page for more.

Chat Rooms

In the rooms you can talk to other players and ask questions.

Coverall Games

The objective of these coverall 75 ball bingo games is to quite simply cover all the numbers on the card (of which there are 25). The first player to covers all of their numbers is the winner.


This is any money that you put into your bingo account from your credit or debit card.

Deposit Bonus

This is a bonus on you receive after making a deposit you make. Click here to find out more about our fantastic deposit bonus offers.

Funded Player

Someone that has deposited funds into their bingo account with either their personal credit or debit card and still had funds to play with.

Game Patterns

Various patterns feature in 75-ball bingo games, including patterns such as letters of the alphabet, numbers, and shapes.

Game Rooms

We have lots of game rooms, some of them are 75-ball bingo rooms and others are 90-ball.

Instant Win Games

We don’t only offer bingo games, we also offer Instant Win games that you can be play in between bingo games, or even at the same time (this is because they open in a new window). To play one of our great Instant Win games just click on the game you want and a separate window will pop up.

Any wagers you make on these games will be deducted from your account balance. As well as this, any wins you make will also be added to your balance.

My Account

Clicking this icon will let you log into your bingo account and take you to the members’ area. In this area you have access to your account details, transactions and funding, and, of course, our great bingo games.


A payout is when the money you have won is paid out to you through the credit or debit card you’ve registered to your account. You can request a payout from the banking section of the members’ area at any point.

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Pending Period

This is the 48 hour window after you’ve withdrawn funds you’re allowed to put the amount back into your account.

Progressive Jackpots

In progressive jackpot games, a pot of cash builds up every time a player buys cards. The amount of the jackpot will increase a little bit with each game until someone wins the jackpot. To win the jackpot, you must play a special progressive jackpot game and call bingo in a certain amount of calls.

Take a look at our Progressive Jackpots page for more information.

Redeem Points

This is when you change your Bingo Points into bingo cards.


These are players who you are playing with or are in the chat room with.


This is the total amount that you have staked on a game.


Money that you withdraw from your account, which then goes back on the credit or debit card you use to deposit. Click here to visit our banking page for more information.