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What happens when you eat cinnamon?

This here article explores the explosive random question of what happens when you eat cinnamon, and more specifically, what happens when you have too much cinnamon – like in the cinnamon challenge? The answer:

  • It dries your mouth and throat
  • Ingestion of the powder can make you gag
  • You could inhale the powder stuck in your mouth
  • You might cough and could have breathing difficulties

Have you ever stared into your cinnamon porridge at breakfast and wondered more about the history and effects of the exotic spice? Of course not, you’re probably too busy browsing your Facebook feed or trying not to talk to anyone until your coffee kicks in. Luckily you’re about to find out the truth. Get ready because these Cinnamon facts are going to blow your mind.

What is cinnamon?

Cinnamon is a spice made from the inner bark of several tree species from the genus Cinnamomum. Cinnamon is often found in either stick, powder or dried flower form. Cinnamon was used by our ancestors in some..Erm… Interesting ways. One key example of this is when the ancient Egyptians used it as a perfuming agent whilst embalming process (Do not google this word, it’s gross).

What is cinnamon used for? Then and Now

Before mass cultivation it was like gold covered lobster with individuals of high standing spending loadsa brass on it to impress others (bet they’d be less chuffed now if they saw we can get it at any supermarket for 80p).

Despite the cost of it going down, cinnamon is widely prized in the modern day as a versatile spice for either savoury or sweet dishes. Ooo I love it in a swirl int’ morning.

What is the cinnamon challenge?

Roll me down a rockery if you ain't seen ‘The Cinnamon Challenge’ that went viral on Youtube. The objective of the cinnamon challenge is to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon (and in some cases where it’s taken to its extreme A SOUP SPOON).

Once the cinnamon is in the person’s throat it dries the mouth and throat leading to gagging, coughing and dry heaving. Of course all of these reactions are videoed and then put on the internet, the trend peaked in popularity in 2012 but I’m sure there are lots of people late to the party that are documenting these escapades online today.

Does cinnamon have any health benefits?

As well as providing a lot of entertainment through viral videos, cinnamon is also shown to have some Power-Ranger-powerful health benefits.

Cinnamon helps to protect the health of your heart and can combat common risk factors such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Not only is it great for your heart, it is also great for your brain function and can fight against brain related conditions such as Alzhemeir's disease and Parkinsons! This is because the cinnamon activates a very special proteins that protect brain cells from deteriorating.

But is cinnamon bad for me?

As ridiculous as it sounds, cinnamon can indeed be damaging to your healthy (all things in moderation folks). The typical recommended daily amount of cinnamon is between 1 to 4 grams.

Too much cinnamon has a variety of side effects. Products (such as chewing gum and sweets) which contain a lot of cinnamon can cause irritation to the mouth. Cinnamon also contains a chemical called Coumarin which can cause liver damage. It's advisable to not eat too much cinnamon if you're pregnant, have liver disease or if you’re diabetic.

It's worth noting that unless you're a cinnamon-aholic it'd be very difficult to eat enough for it to do any serious damage (unless you’re reet susceptibility to Coumarin).

Weighing up the pros and cons these problems seem quite minor compared to the benefits you can get from cinnamon! As always consult your Doc before taking cinnamon supplements (or eating a ridiculous amount of it in ground spice form).

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