What Would Foxy Do?

How can you be as cunning as a fox?

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that Foxy knows best. But how did he become as cunning as a fox? And how can us mere humans become as fabulous and foxy as him?

Let’s start with a bit of background. Where does the expression “as cunning as a fox” originate from? Interestingly it comes the earlier expression “crazy like a fox”; but don’t let the word “crazy” fool you - the term implies the opposite. It means to “act crazy to hide an intelligent hidden motif.” This explains how the expression has since evolved into the more commonly known “as cunning as a fox” of today. Proper good hey?

But now onto the even more important stuff! We’ve consulted with Foxy himself to get his top tips and tricks as to how you too can be as cunning as a fox in your everyday lives. Enjoy!

  1. Be as confident as a fox

    If you’re going to be as cunning as a fox, you’ll need to be less of a barnpot and take command in social situations. You never get a second chance at making a first impression, and by knowing these simple body language tips you can make darn sure you’re as memorable as a weasel with measles AND as likeable as a cherry bakewell when you meet new people.

    Sounds reet fancy and complicated right? Well, tisn’t! For starters, make an effort to remember people’s names. Psychology says that by addressing people by their names during conversation, it makes you appear more likeable and trustworthy.

    How can you turn on the charm?

    • Maintaining eye contact - that’s beezer that is.
    • Standing up straight as a rake with good posture
    • Pivoting towards the person you’re champin out your cakehole to when you’re speaking to them
    • By keeping your body and hands wide and open you’ll seem friendly, approachable and will exude confidence - even if you’re nervous as hell!

  2. Be as energetic as a fox

    If you’re going to be as cunning as a fox, you’re going to need the energy for it! Invest some real time into getting as active as a pea in a bladder. You can do this is a number of ways:

    • Start small and stealthy. Get off the bus a stop early. Pop on a trench coat and hat to look proper incognito.
    • Park in a car-park further away. Just remember where you left the car.
    • Make sure you always take the stairs. Even in a bungalow.

    Often, it’s the reet tiny changes we make that can have a big impact. Plus they’re easier to stick to than a drastic six day a week training plan at the gym.

  3. Be savvy like a fox

    Foxy has the ability to be savvy in all kinds of situations - slick as micky bricky. Even when it comes to spending brass... or should I say not spending brass so I can enjoy me bubble baths more when I want to.

    There’s so many ways to enjoy yourself and still be a social Sheila without having to spend a lot of money every weekend. Go for picnic int’ park, get lost... in a good book at the library, or host a pamper party for your friends. And remember, there’s always FoxyBingo.com if you fancy a night in rather than out at local club.

  4. Be sneaky like a fox

    Cunning Foxes are as sneaky as ninjas at a pajama party. To fit the part you must play hide and seek like a pro.

    Remember to walk quietly, dress in dark coloured clothes to hide in the shadows and be aware of other people, and treacherous Lego pieces on the floor. These tactics come in handy not only when playing the actual game of hide and seek, but also when creeping away from the kid’s bedroom and attempting not to wake them.

  5. Be thrifty like a fox

    Foxes are renowned for making the most of their habitat in order to survive. And though I’ve got a pretty cushy Foxy life and a wardrobe full of suits, that doesn’t mean I haven’t had to get thrifty in the wild in the past.

    Life Hack your way to a Foxy lifestyle. If you’ve ever accidentally broken a trouser hanger, try using the ends as food clips or even on your washing line. Broken off ends of pop cans can be slid onto clothes hangers so you can hang other hangers through the loops. They will then hang at a lower level and help you to save wardrobe space. The sky really is the limit when it comes to random uses of household items.

  6. Be Foxy like a fox

    Last but not least, the best way is to learn how to be as cunning as a fox is from Foxy himself!

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