What Would Foxy Do?

Random fun date ideas for married couples

Married life doesn’t have to be all about cleaning, bickering about who let the goose in and making sure the kids eat their asparagus. Don’t let date nights fall on the back burner. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been together for 10 minutes or 10 years; alongside waffles, ice cream and high fives, dating should always have a place in your relationship!

Mix things up and make a real effort to get proper foxy with your dates. Plan some random, fun days and evenings to look forward to. Your ‘eart will be in ya mouth wi’ ya foot when you ‘ear these.

  1. Get down the disco

    Now we know this might be a little out of the ordinary for some of you sticky footed ferrets, but hear us out! Forget aerobics on a Tuesday night in the village hall with Maureen. Burn a few cals and go to a dance class with your t’other ‘alf on date night instead. Let’s face the iron to the ironing board, you’ll put more than one foot wrong (more than once too we imagine) but avin’ a proper giggle at Left-Said-Fred and enjoying yourselves will really make the night!

  2. Let’s get quizzical

    Rather than just having a few Friday night bevs - find your local pub quiz, make up your team name and go have a barny ‘bout which year Bucks Fizz did Eurovision. Good excuse to show off your competitive side eh? A quiz is a reet good laugh and mixing with new people (and new cocktails?) while sharing your general knowledge genius will definitely make for a top rate date night.Teamwork makes the dream work! Oh and you might even win a prize.

  3. Learn to massage

    Book a massage class to do together. You did ask for a random date idea for married couples. So go on, press knots and rub bits and bobs instead of eating a takeaway in front of the tele. What’s a penguin without a waddle eh? You’re actually learning how to do something together – real life massaging – not just a back scratch in the bathroom. You’ll have fun in the process of course, as well as breaking comfort zones too. Oh and just think of it this way, you can go home and practice on one another – never do owt for nowt!

  4. Walk, jump, hunt and snap

    No waheeey this isn’t a new Justin Bieber dance move. This random date idea is about getting off the sofa and sniffing out that fresh air like a chimp smellin’ the chips. Find some nearby walks – along canals, through the countryside, across the beach – oh and take your camera too. Pose for a snap as you jump in the air as high as a hedgehog on heat, or roll down the hill - because it’s quicker and your knees are weak. Smile joyfully as you get chased by cows - that sorta thing. Spice it up by hunting for treasure like a land-anchored pirate. Follow directions to your nearest Geocache and start exploring.

  5. Go to an open mic night

    Since you last went on a date in 1994, there’s now reet loads of bars, cafe and comedy clubs that host open mic nights, so it’d be rude not to take advantage! Don’t be a snore and just go and watch. Pluck up the roasters to get up on stage to share a rap, a song or a bit of laugh-a-minute comedic genius. Not only will you guarantee to leave your dignity at the door and your trousers round your ankles (metaphorically) you’ll reet embarrass/impress your partner and laugh/be laughed at until wine comes out of your/their noses.

  6. Mute Date

    Go on a date. Don’t speak. Test your communication skills by using those Foxy eyes and giving subtle hints with your body language. It might actually be quite calming to unplug and escape the noise in this world full of skrikin’ loons when you’re tryna think about what you need ta record on the box.

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