How to play Foxy Fives bingo

52-5 bingo is a relatively new twist on the classic bingo game. Instead of using balls like 90-ball and 75-ball bingo, however, this game is played using playing cards!

Just the classic bingo games, you have to buy a ticket to play. The tickets in this game are called a ‘hand’ and include five playing cards from the standard (52) deck of cards (jokers excluded). The caller will call out playing cards at random and you have one of those cards they’ll be covered by a chip. The first player to cover all of their five playing cards will win the game.

The Foxy Fives bingo hands (tickets)

The tickets consist of five playing cards from the standard 52-card deck. You’ll be able to see what cards are in your hand/ticket when you buy them.

The winning pattern

These fantastic games only have one winning pattern - a Full House. This means that you win if you manage to cover all five cards in your hand first. After someone has successfully done this the game will end.

The payouts and jackpots

Generally, the game’s payout is determined by the cost per hand and the number of players. The higher the ticket price and the more players who join a game will cause the prize to be larger. The prize tends to be higher when there are higher ticket prices and lots of players. Occasionally we offer a fixed minimum prize, regardless of the number of players that take part and the ticket price. Extra jackpots may also be on offer in selected games.

The ticket selection & purchase

You can buy up to 5 hands (tickets) but to play you’ve got to at least buy one.

Before you start buying hands for a game you have to make sure that your account is funded with enough money to make the purchases. You will be able to see the price of the tickets on the purchase button. All the hand prices in a game will be the same.


You can select your own tickets by clicking the “Buy for Xp” button individually and then clicking on “confirm”.

Once you’ve bought a ticket a unique identification number will show up next to it as a reference for communicating with support agents. This identifier can also be found in your game history section in the “My Account” menu.

Funding your bingo account

To buy your hand and play you need to make sure there are enough funds in your account. You can only buy your tickets once you have funded your bingo account with sufficient funds. To view your account balance, just check it at the top of the screen. Click “cashier” to deposit into your account at any point.

Playing the game

Once you’ve bought tickets for the game you’ve got to wait for it to start. Keeping track of when the game begins is easy - just check the time countdown that appears at the top of the screen.

When there are 30 seconds left until the start of the game the timer will turn red and alert you, so you know to hurry up and purchase your tickets. New games will start every few minutes, so you’ll never have to wait that long to join the fun.

If you get distracted and miss a few calls don’t worry, you can always check the cards that were previously called cards in the ‘Calling Board’ tab.

You can find more game information in the game info panel on the left. This includes the number of players, the jackpots that are available and how to win them, as well as a “how to play” button that has a tutorial which shows you how to play.

Covering your numbers

These 52-5 bingo games use “auto cover” system. This means that your cards are automatically covered with chips when it matches the one that is drawn.

It doesn’t matter at what speed your ticket is covered as it doesn’t affect the outcome, that means that even if your connection speed is slower than another player’s, if you have the winning ticket the prize is yours no matter what!


If a player covers all the cards in one of their hands the game will end and a message will show telling you who has won and how much they won.

It is possible for more than one person to win a single game. In these cases the jackpot will be distributed amongst the winners evenly or by the proportion of winning tickets, depending on the game being played.

If you happen to miss the winning message don’t worry - you’ll still get any prizes you win and you can see the details of previous games in your “game history” section in the “my account” menu.

The game Return to Player (RTP) in Bingo 52-5 changes based on the ticket price and number of tickets purchased in each game.

The to go games

Like the normal bingo games you can also get ‘To Go Games’ in 52-5 bingo! In these you have the chance to win a cash prize even if you don’t hit the jackpot. If you’re only card away from a winning hand but someone else wins it first then you can still win a share of the prize.

The progressive jackpots

A few 52-5 games will offer a progressive jackpot. This means that the jackpot gets bigger and bigger when more and more people play.

To win a progressive jackpot you have to cover your hand fully in a certain amount of calls. Finding out the criteria in the game you want to buy into is easy, just hover over the icon in the info panel on the left and a tool tip will appear with the specific number of calls you need to bingo in.


The internet isn’t always perfect, and we understand that sometimes your connection can be lost whilst you are playing a game. Don’t worry! If this happens, the system will continue to auto cover your cards and you'll be awarded any prizes you may have won during your short time away.

Cancelled games

Games might be cancelled for a variety of reasons. It might be that there aren’t enough players or there are technical issues. If you buy a hand for a game that is then cancelled, you’ll be refunded the tickets’ cost automatically.