What Would Foxy Do?

Random uses for household items

Looking for random uses for household items? Look no further. Make the most of your everyday objects with our inspiring list of beezer ideas. You’d be mad as a badger in a brewery not to take note!

  1. Use your hairdryer for more than drying your hair.

    Now I’m gonna right flummox you with this one. Your trusty hairdryer is more handy than a handyman’s hand. You can use it to remove water marks on your wooden table. I’m not fibbin’ kiddin’ kid! Use a medium heat like a warm t’ven, hold a couple of inches away from the mark, apply the heat. Then use a cloth with some olive oil on to buff it up. Slap a fish! You can also use your hairdryer to remove stickers without leaving a mark. Again on a medium heat move your hairdryer around the sticker applying heat and the sticker will come away reet easy. Dried wax on your furniture, don’t worry! Simply grab your trusty hairdryer and reheat the wax to remove real quick.

  2. Use baby wipes: everywhere

    If you’re a parent you’ll know how spankin golden baby wipes are, from changing nappies, to wiping your nipper’s chops. But you can use them for practically anything around the house, from wiping up spills on your furniture or carpet to gettin’ rid of your red lippy after a night out. Use them for cleaning your specs, clean Snoop Dog the cat, or clean your keyboard. My absolute favourite is for dusting houseplants. Plus they’re cheaper than chips.

  3. Don’t throw your tights out when they have a ladder in them.

    Did your tights become holier than a nun in a nunnery? Use them to store onions! Cut the legs off and fill them with your onions then tie them up and hang them in your kitchen or conservatory, your onions will literally love it. Or - yeah another tight trick for ya…. cut the leg of your old tights into strips then use them to tie up plants in your garden, the nylon will allow the plants to grow without restricting them and will keep them upright. You could also cut them into strips to use as hair bands. Genius.

  4. Use toothpaste: for pongs and taps

    Do you smell like a chicken kiev? Use toothpaste on your hands to get rid of garlic. And vampires. Squirt some into your glove fillers then rub together before rinsing off, leaving your hands odour free. Another use of toothpaste is to clean chrome around your home. Apply some to a damp cloth then wipe over the chrome, then rinse the cloth and wipe away, leaving your taps as shiny as Heather’s Hollywood grin!

  5. Odd socks hanging around? Here are some ways you can reuse them.

    Socks love venetian blinds, they’re ideal for getting in between the slates to give them a good dust. Or if you’ve a champion bump you could cover an ice pack with a sock to use as a cold pack without frizzlin’ your fingers. Or you could turn your old sock into a reet entertainin’ barnpot! Make sock puppets with your children - add a couple of googly eyes, some wool and some fabric glue and you’re set for a fun crafting session.

  6. Random uses for toilet roll tubes

    Well roll me down a rockery! You’ll want to think twice before you throw these away! Why not decorate them with washi tape and use them for storing cables in, rather than leaving them tangled on the floor? Like getting crafty as a cunning Foxy? Turn toilet roll tubes into a desk organiser or even a garage for your children’s cars. Got green fiddlers? Use toilet rolls to start off seedlings, by cutting in half and wrapping one end in brown paper and securing with an elastic band. They make chuffin lightweight pots for your seedlings.

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