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Did you know that there are many famous bingo locations around the world? Here, we’ll find fascinating facts such as where the first-ever game of bingo was played, what the biggest and oldest bingo halls across the globe are, and how the game and its fanbase changes in different countries. Ready to fill up on bingo banter?

Birthplace of Bingo

Bingo originated in Italy, way back in 1530 when the country’s National Lottery (Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia) was born. Ever since, the Italian Lottery has been held every week and it currently contributes approximately $75m to the government’s annual budget.

Within two centuries, the game made its way to nearby France, where the intelligentsia began using numbered playing cards. Each player would get a unique card featuring numbers from 1 to 90 and a caller would then draw numbered tokens from a bag. The first person to cover all the numbers on the same row of their card was declared the winner.

These days, millions of people around the world enjoy playing bingo both online and in land-based venues. In fact, it’s estimated that there are roughly 500 online bingo brands in the UK alone, with many of the businesses that own them based here as well—including yours truly, Foxy Bingo, in London!

The Biggest Bingo Venue in the World

Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut, USA is one of the biggest bingo halls in the entire world. It can accommodate 5,000 players and attracts visitors who not only love to play slots and casino games, but who also enjoy fine dining, shopping and other entertainment attractions.

Here in the UK, up to 3,000 players can come together at Beacon Bingo in Cricklewood, which is believed to be the largest bingo venue in Europe.

If you’re planning on visiting Ireland and are wondering where the craic is at, look no further than National Stadium Bingo in Dublin where 2,000 people can meet up for three nights a week to play for €27,000!

Bingo’s Beltin’ Beginnings 

Judges Bingo in Tonypandy in Wales is one of the oldest bingo halls in the UK.

The building was opened by the Duke of Argyll and Queen Victoria’s daughter, Princess Louise, in 1909 as a memorial hall. Over the years, it has hosted concerts (including a performance by Black Sabbath), boxing matches and dances. But for the past 55 years, it’s been used as a bingo hall.

The Odeon on London’s Hackney Road has since been demolished to make way for a new housing development. However, when it first opened in 1939, it was a grand cinema with almost 2,000 seats. Until 1961, it welcomed film fanatics before being turned into the Top Rank Bingo Club.

Lastly, the Spanish City in Tyne and Wear has been serving bingo players since the 1960s, although it was originally opened in 1908 as a theatre that was topped with a huge dome.

What’s the Flashiest Bingo Venue in the World?

Bingo players in America can enjoy the red-carpet treatment at Foxwoods Resort Casino if they have the budget to stay at one of the deluxe rooms and suites on offer at the AAA Four Diamond Grand Pequot Tower. There’s also a relaxation spa, no-limit gaming clubs for high rollers, award-winning restaurants, designer shops, luxury bowling alleys, and private VIP experiences on offer. Sounds snazzy!

The venue hosts three-hour bingo sessions, seven days a week, and the bingo hall has been modified to contain 14 different zones to allow for social distancing.

Japanese Bingo

Japan is a world-leader when it comes to cutting-edge technology. So, it’s no surprise that the Asian online bingo market is a belter too! Did you know there was even a province called ‘Bingo’ up until the Hiroshima Prefecture was created in 1876?

The country currently holds the world record for the largest online game of bingo, which was held in September 2010 and attracted over 493,000 players. But unlike most European countries, land-based bingo isn’t particularly common in Asia, and the majority of games are played online at casino sites.

Bingo in Scandinavia

While Scandinavia might be famous for its Vikings, mountains and fjords, it’s also home to a booming bingo industry.

In countries like Sweden, 90-ball and 75-ball games are the most popular styles and although the game is mostly a hit with the older generation there, the online bingo market has started to attract younger fans.

Drive-in bingo has also gained popularity in recent years. If you head out to the Swedish countryside to locations like Lidköping, you’ll find fields filled with people sitting in their cars enjoying a warming cup of coffee or a picnic while playing three-hour sessions of bingo. The participants even have to beep their car horns to claim a win! Reckon Foxy would love a bit of that?

We hope you’ve had a blast on our whistle-stop tour of famous bingo locations across the world! Fancy expanding your bingo horizons even further? How about heading to one of our bingo rooms where you can dive into everything from traditional 90-ball games in Boosted Bingo and 75-ball styles in Foxy Love to something a bit different like Friends Bingo and The Foxy Fab Lab? Simply one of the best Bingo site so let us entertain you. And in case if you get tired of Bingo games, we also have a wide selection of online casino slots and slingo games for you!