What Would Foxy Do?

foxy’s mini life upgrades
- the winners story

To celebrate our latest big winner we want to share a very special story of right good luck and give you lot some inspiration of random fun to tickle your brainboxes if you won £44K like our kid, Simon. We will also share the things Simon wouldn’t change for all the brass in the land - like cooking and footie, as well as that we asked what he might sprinkle a bit of glitter on now he's had the Foxy upgrade.

So what is this lucky Fox’s story? Well it all started with a 60p flutter, and a week later Simon was as happy as a Larry Lark counting his £44,444 squid.

If you don’t try you can’t win!

Our Simon gave us the lowdown on what might have brought on that luck, "I had a picture of my family next to my computer as I always do… I never thought it was a charm until that day.

The next thing I knew I was a winner! My heart raced as I ran to my wife and said ‘Am I dreaming? Please pinch me!’"

"I like to play things that can offer me a win, but I’ve never had one. The most I ever won was £100 on a scratch card."

Simon is a firm believer in giving it your best shot: "If you don’t try you can’t win!"

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So, what are his plans now he’s won big on Foxy Bingo? "I want to get my life back on track – "I’ve invested in a catering van and the rest is to take my family to America."

What a tasty idea!

Just think how many fancy chocolatey melt in the middle puds you can buy your Ma with that kind of wonga! But before we hear more from Simon, we want to wet your whistle with four proper random, fun ways to splash your cash!

1. Buy your very own single-person submarine to venture seven miles below sea level in the deepest part of the ocean (we heard film director James Cameron did this one). Sounds fishy to me!

2. Pay $50,000 for a smooch with your idol. Probably the most expensive kiss int’ history books. A birdy told us that’s what a Sharon Stone fan did back in 2003!

3. Like to play golf? Forget the old humble golf buggy! Get your own golf cart hovercraft to glide through the course. It’ll only set you back nearly $60,000

4. Bit thirsty like? If you’ve got the cash to splash you can order a takeaway with a difference. Why not parachute in Dom Perignon champagne? Even if you’re in the desert? Actual bubbles falling from sky - whatever next, pet!

I will tell people if they want a shot at life and have some spare cash, give Foxy a go

Now, let’s bring it back down to earth! We asked the Foxy Bingo winner what things he enjoys in life, because let’s not forget it’s the simple pleasures that keep us grounded. "I enjoy cooking and playing football for Manchester City amputees" says Simon.

And what difference will the big win make? "It’s changed all our lives – I’ve not worked due to an accident that left my brain injured and lost my leg. I can finally treat my family to what they have missed."

A final thought from our lucky Foxy Bingo winner, Simon, "I will tell people if they want a shot at life and have some spare cash, give Foxy a go."

You heard him! Go on, give it a go…


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