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90 Ball Bingo

90-ball bingo is the most played version of bingo in the UK. Players buy numbered bingo tickets online, then a caller will call out numbers randomly and if they appear on the player’s ticket they’ll cover them up or ‘daub’ them. Cover all 3 lines – a full house, to win! If you’re still a bit confused let the Foxy Bingo team talk you through the bingo rules.

75 Ball Bingo

Do you want to try something a bit different to the standard 90-ball bingo? Well, our online 75-ball bingo might just be for you! It’s a variation of 90-ball bingo where you fill out pre-determined patterns instead of each line. The games are quicker so you can fit in even more bingo fun. If you’d like a bit more information the bingo rules are there for you.


There are some great chances to win cash prizes with Foxy’s bingo jackpots! Play our maximum bingo jackpots for prizes in the hundreds and thousands. There are also progressive jackpot games where the prize gets higher every time someone buys a card. Foxy jackpots don’t just mean cash though; you can win anything from an iPad to a family holiday!


At Foxy we know that you are very busy people. That’s why we have a whole range of games that you can buy cards for in advance! There are £1,000s of to be won every week in these games, so you don’t want to miss out on them. With games running every night you’re sure to find a few you want to get involved with, it’s just another reason why Foxy’s one of the top online bingo sites.