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Crazy Coin Flip Live

Evolution’s Crazy Coin Flip Live Games is another world-class live gaming experience and features an exciting mix of online slots and live dealer action.

Foxy's Live Game-lovin' fans already know that Evolution is a master at producing games in this genre. And Crazy Coin Flip is another prime example of what they can do.

Fast-paced slot action piles up multipliers and decides which players make it to the Crazy Coin Flip bonus round. Here, the live dealer takes over, and the multipliers are multiplied by even more multipliers for some insane potential wins!

How To Play Crazy Coin Flip

The game starts with players spinning the reels on a 5x3 slot. Here you’ll see card ranks from Jack to Ace spinning around the reels, and these are worth precisely nothing. They’re just there to fill any positions that aren’t occupied by the game’s logo. This acts as Scatter, and any lucky fox who sees three landing across the middle row will advance to the next round. If the Scatters have multipliers attached when they land, these are carried over to the next round.

Crazy Coin Flip Slot - foxybingo

There are three spin settings, Normal, XXXtreme, and Super XXXtreme. Impatient foxes can opt for either of the latter two, which give better chances of triggering the bonus, but at a cost;

  • XXXtreme Spins guarantee 1 Scatter for 5x your bet per spin
  • Super XXXTreme Spins guarantee 2 Scatters for 50x your bet per spin

Just remember that the XXXtreme spins don't guarantee a fox will make it to the next round; they just give a better chance. And any eventual wins will be calculated according to the base bet, not the XXXtreme spins buy-in stake.

What to Look Out For

The timed Top-Up phase is played on a 3 reel, 3 row slot. This stage of the game is where the multipliers really start to pile up. Participating foxes spin the reels on a 3x3 slot game where red and blue coins land. These have multipliers attached, and when a player lands three of the same colour across the centre row, the values are added together and awarded. The round is timed, so be prepared to get your claws clicking as fast as possible here.

When we get to the Coin Flip round, the Live host takes over the action. On the set, there’s a giant coin with a red and a blue side. At the start of the round, a random multiplier is generated for each side of this coin. Then all the multipliers players managed to collect up to this point are added to the side of the coin that matches their colour. 

The host then pulls a lever to toss the coin. Whichever side that lands face up is the winner, and the multipliers on it are added together and applied to the base bet of the players fortuitous enough to make it this far. The side that faces up when it lands is the winner, and the multipliers will be applied to your base bet to determine your winnings.

Flip the Coins at Foxy Bingo

Plenty of slot and coin-flippin' action make this game a winner in Foxy's book. It's fast-paced and fun, with entertaining hosts and the chance at some potentially big wins, everything a fox looks for in a Live Casino game. And I know I don't have to remind you all me little furry friends, but I will anyway; no wins are guaranteed, so don't bet if you can't afford to lose. Good Luck.

Can I play Crazy Coin Flip at Foxy Bingo?

Yes, you can play Crazy Coin Flip right here at Foxy Bingo!

Does Crazy Coin Flip have a Live Host?

Yes, there is Live Host that is incorporated into gameplay.

Who makes the Crazy Coin Flip game?

Evolution Gaming produced Crazy Coin Flip