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PowerUp Roulette

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Power Up Roulette Live Casino Game Review

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games of all time. It's fast, has a wide range of betting options, and can give pretty good odds depending on how you bet. 

But there's one thing it can't do isn't there, me Foxy Bingo Friends? It can't give those supercharged potential payouts that you can get with some slot machines. At least, it couldn't until Live dealer games came along, that is. 

Since then, game providers have been dreaming up ways to use the technology to boost the win potential of the game, and Power Up Roulette by Pragmatic Play is the latest in these roulette on steroids offerings.  

And with a maximum possible win of 15,525 x the bet, and a betting range from 0.10 to 5,000, it's yet another game-changer from the masters of the Live Casino game, Pragmatic Play.

How To Play PowerUp Roulette

The game is live-streamed from a studio with an old-fashioned game show feel to it. The curtain in the background is blue when the game starts, but turns red once the bonus feature kicks in. 

The gameplay takes place on a standard European Roulette table, and all the standard inside and outside bets are available. In fact, in the beginning, there's nothing to tell you you're not playing a regular game of European Roulette, except for the payouts on Straight Up bets (bets on a single number to win). These are much lower than the standard in the base game. But once the PowerUp bonus round kicks in, that can change completely. 

What to Look Out For

The whole point of the game is the PowerUP bonus round. When this activates, several numbers are chosen at random to be a PowerUp number, and these are announced by the host before the spin. If one of the PowerUp numbers win, it will pay any Straight Up bets on it at 500 x, and another PowerUp Spin will take place for a maximum of five. Each successive win increases the multipliers as follows; 500x, 1,000x, 2,000x, 4,000x, and 8,000x. All wins are added together and awarded to the lucky foxes at the end of the round. 

The potential accumulated win from five successful PowerUp rounds in a row is over 15,000 x the bet. But to get to play one of these rounds, it’s necessary to place only Straight Up bets, so the risk is also pretty high. 

Play PowerUp Roulette at Foxy Bingo

PowerUp Roulette is a great game if you want to try and pile up some big wins at roulette. If you're lucky, seeing the multipliers grow after a winning spin in the bonus round is truly exciting. But remember, me foxy friends, to even be in with a chance to win, you have to make Straight Up bets with odds of 36 to 1 against you. So don't get carried away, and always set a loss limit before you start playing. Good Luck.

Can I play Power Up Roulette at Foxy Bingo?

Yes, you can play Power Up Roulette right here at Foxy Bingo!

How many Bonus Rounds are there?

There can be up to five bonus rounds.

Who makes the Power Up Roulette game?

Power Up Roulette is produced by Pragmatic Play.