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Ted Big Money Scratchcard

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Ted Big Money Scratchcard Online Scratchcard Review

Every foxies favourite foul-mouthed bear is back! After he made a splash starring alongside Mark Wahlberg in the movie named after him, Ted took a lead role in a series of slots by Blueprint Gaming. These casino games can all be played right here at Foxy Bingo, and they're now joined by the Ted Big Money Scratchcard!

And as always with Ted, you never know what will come next. Lucky foxes who collect three "Thunder Buddies" symbols as they scratch away trigger the Wheel of Fartune bonus. And this could them playing one of three fantastic bonus features; the 'Bar Crawl Bonus', 'Ted's Pyramid Bonus', and 'BIG MONEY'!

Ted Big Money Scratchcard Paytable and Layout

Ted Big Money Scratchcard Feature Symbols - foxybingo

The base game is simple, so I'll keep it short and sweet as I run you through it, and we can get on to the good stuff, the bonus rounds. There are three panels on the card, each with a different game. In Game 1, players scratch to reveal amounts, and if they find two matching ones, they win it as a prize. Game 2 sees players trying to uncover Ted's head for a win. In Game 3, they take on the talking teddy and try to find a number that is higher than his for a win.

How to Play the Ted Big Money Scratchcard

Pressing the STAKE button will let you increase or decrease the amount of your bet. Pressing the Quantity button will let you choose how many cards you want to play; 1, 5, or 10. The more you play, the more chance you have of triggering the Wheel of Fartune.

Ted Big Money Scratchcard Free Spins and Bonus Features

Ted might be a bit rough around the edges, but he’s got a heart of gold. And to prove it, he can appear to grant lucky foxes a couple of generous modifiers. He can pop up randomly at the end of any card and either turn a loss into a win, or add extra Thunder Buddies symbols to take players closer to the Wheel of Fartune. 

'Thunder Buddies Bonus' symbols can appear randomly on any card, and if you get three of them in total while you play your chosen quantity of cards, you’ll get to play the Wheel of Fartune. If you get more 'Thunder Buddies Bonus' symbols before the Wheel of Fartune kicks in, these will be converted to arrow symbols on the wheel. Once the lucky qualifying players have scratched off their final card, the Wheel will spin. Landing on an arrow will advance the player to the next level, other sections of the wheel are occupied by either cash multipliers or trigger the bonus rounds.  

Bar Crawl Bonus

Here players find themselves in a board game set in a city street. Pick up bottles to move around the board and boost the bet multiplier. There are also some special positions that can either give extra payouts or take the winnings away. This game also offers the chance to level up to the Big Money bonus. 

Ted's Pyramid Bonus

Ted's Pyramid Bonus is played on a 5-row grid, divided into sections that hold either an advance arrow or cash multipliers that become more valuable the higher the player gets.

A marker crosses the board from left to right. Land on an arrow and go straight to the next level. If the player lands on a multiplier, it’s collected before the square turns into an arrow.  

Once the marker has stopped, players Pick a Ted from 3 Ted portraits to reveal either CONTINUE or COLLECT. Collect awards the banked multipliers, and Continue gives the lucky fox another sweep of the grid. Any player that climbs to the top of the grid before a collect is revealed gets access to the Big Money bonus round. 

Big Money

If the Big Money Bonus end game is reached, Ted appears in the centre of the screen, surrounded by a carousel of spinning multiplier values and Sale signs down the left and right sides of the screen.  

When the carousel stops spinning, the multiplier it lands on is banked. Players then get to pick one of the Sale signs. This will reveal either a Respin or Collect. Respin spins the carousel again, increasing the bet multiplier. Collect ends the feature, and the total of all the multipliers won is awarded to the player.

Play Ted Big Money Scratchcard at Foxy Bingo

The Ted Big Money Scratchcard is just that, a scratchcard that offers the chance to potentially win some really big money! And it's available right here at Foxy Bingo; just remember that Foxy wants all his furry friends to stay safe, so gamble responsibly with fixed loss limits for every session. Good Luck.

How many games are there in the Ted Big Money Scratchcard?

This Scratchcard features three separate games

What is the maximum jackpot for this Scratchcard?

The maximum possible win on this slot is 10,000 x the bet

What is the betting range for this Scratchcard?

The betting range is between 0.10 and 10.00.