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The most popular Christmas tub chocolates

An essential part of the Christmas feast for many families is the classic Christmas chocolate tub, such as Roses, Cadbury Heroes, Quality Street or Celebrations, but which chocolate from those tubs is the most popular?

We asked the public to name their favourite Christmas tub chocolate, and after 2,000 Brits had voted, the Celebrations Malteser came out on top. The Quality Street Purple One also proved to be incredibly popular, as well as The Dairy Milk and Twirl from Cadbury Heroes.

Additionally, despite common jokes about Bounties being unpopular, the Celebrations classic was actually found to be the fifth most popular chocolate in Christmas tubs.

Top 10 most popular chocolates

  1. Celebrations – Malteser
  2. Quality Street – The Purple One
  3. Cadbury Heroes – Dairy Milk
  4. Cadbury Heroes – Twirl
  5. Celebrations – Bounty
  6. Cadbury Heroes – Whispa
  7. Celebrations – Galaxy
  8. Celebrations – Galaxy Caramel
  9. Roses – Hazel Whirl
  10. Roses – Hazelnut in Caramel

On the opposite side, Quality Street’s Green Triangle was named the least popular chocolate. The Hazelnut noisette also proved to be the least popular treat amongst both men and women, and out of most age groups, the only exception being the Cadbury Heroes Éclair, which ranked last amongst millennials (25-34 year olds).

Men tend to have a strong preference for Celebration’s chocolates, with the top three selections being the Malteser, Mars and Bounty. Women meanwhile have a more diverse taste, with their top five selections featuring one chocolate from each tub.

We know how much Christmas chocolate is loved as part of the festive celebrations, so we’re giving a lucky social follower the chance to win one of each of the main four chocolate tubs.

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