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Slingo Sweet Bonanza

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Pragmatic Play's Sweet Bonanza is one of the most successful slots in the studio's portfolio. The cotton candy of a slot game comes with fantastic visuals and gameplay features that can potentially deliver wins worth much more than your bet. It was so popular that the studio made a whole franchise of it, even adopting it in a live dealer game. Now it comes in the form of a slingo, too, thanks to the license acquired by Slingo Originals.

The Slingo Sweet Bonanza game comes in a sugar-coated package and looks just like the slot. It takes place on a 5x5 grid with cotton candies, and sugar drops all set in the world of candies that could be seen in the slot's background as well. It shares the same aesthetics and visuals and most of the features, except that, you know, it's a Slingo game.

Me fans of Sweet Bonanza will surely like what the Slingo studio has done with the game. You get 12 paylines to hit Slingos across and potential wins up to 1,600x the bet. Much lower than the original slot, but still high enough.

How to Play Slingo Sweet Bonanza

Slingo Sweet Bonanza Paytable - foxybingo

If you’ve played the Sweet Bonanza slot, you’ll find your way around this one. Slingo Sweet Bonanza has a rather familiar setup, with the grid in the middle and the controls on the right. As I mentioned earlier, it has retained the visuals of the slot game, so you’ll feel at home with this one.

On the grid, you'll see red hearts with numbers with cotton candies on the right. The grid is 5x5, as briefly mentioned before, but there's an extra row on the bottom. Of course, the reels are set against Pragmatic's famed Candyland, so this is a game that can easily trigger your sweet tooth.

To start playing, you need to place a bet. You get ten spins to match numbers on the reel with the grid – the game marks them automatically. Complete Slingos to move up the ladder to the left. As you probably know, this is a crossover between a bingo game and a slot, with the game's elements seen in the addition of wilds and a bonus free spins round. Super wilds are in play, too, allowing you to mark any number on the grid.

Then there are blockers whose function is self-explanatory. Me players will be hopin' they don't often land as you complete single, double, or triple Slingos on your way to potentially sweet wins.

Slingo Sweet Bonanza Bonus Features

As you move up the sweet ladder on the left, you either earn cash prizes or get access to the bonus round. Get higher and higher up the ladder for bigger multipliers and better rewards. Three or more symbols in view will lead you to the bonus round, where you get two picks. Trigger the bonus with 4 or 5 symbols for 4 picks and x2 and x4 bombs, respectively.

As me spinnin’ fans can probably remember from the slot, the sugar bombs can multiply your wins nicely. You pick the bombs to reveal the prize underneath, while finding lollipops in the bonus gives you more cash picks.

After the end of each game, extra spins can be awarded. You can collect your wins at any time or buy more spins whenever you want.

Sweeter than the Slot?

Hitting slingos has never felt sweeter before Slingo Sweet Bonanza came to be. I loved this bingo/slot hybrid from the minute I've tried it, and me foxy-lovin' fans will love it too. It's got all the sweetest elements of the slot pairing it with bingo that takes things up a notch. It's a fantastic game of chance with 12 paylines that can deliver.

Of course, the visuals will surely appeal to most players, as well as the multipliers and bonus picks. It's an excellent entry in the Sweet Bonanza franchise, and I can't wait to see where it's headed next.