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Monopoly Live

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Good day to all our foxy peeps, and welcome to a review of one of the latest live game shows to have hit the market. There are very few people alive today that can say they’ve never heard of the board game Monopoly, while many would say they played the game quite a bit in their younger years. Now, we’re bringing you all the details of Monopoly Live! This is the latest in a string of live dealer titles from Evolution Gaming and uses the classic board game as inspiration. Have you ever spun a wheel that had the chance to land on a pocket and reward you with great winnings? If not, well now's your chance because the game is ready and paying out right now, right here, so let’s take you through everything you need to know before going into a few rounds.

First, let’s just chat a little about the iGaming studio that developed Monopoly Live. It goes by the name of Evolution Gaming and has become the authority in the online casino industry on all things live dealer. You might well have played previous releases such as Cash or Crash Live, or perhaps Deal or no Deal Live, both of which made a significant impact at online casinos around the globe.

With Monopoly Live, it works much the same way as all live casino titles. You'll open the game, which will take you via live feed to a casino studio. The CGi abilities of Evolution Gaming really comes to the fore here, as you’ll see that the studio has a load of visual effects to make the studio appear to be on a high story hotel room in Vegas. You’ll also see the Monopoly Man standing to the other side of the spinning wheel that the dealer is manning. It's all awe-inspiring, especially when the graphics start taking you through pre-designed interactivity, following the Monopoly Man around the board.

Monopoly Live has a vast wagering window, with the minimum stake allowed being 10p while the maximum is a massive £2,500. The game can be played on mobile devices, although we personally feel live casino games are at their best on a bigger screen.

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How To Play Monopoly Live

The wheel of fortune that spins contains 54 pockets, most of which are made up of the number 1. The second most populated pocket is the number 2, the third most number 5 and the last number 10. Before the wheel is spun, you need to place a bet on which number the wheel will land, with the payouts as follows:

  • 1 – 1:1
  • 2 – 2:1
  • 5 – 5:1
  • 10 – 10:1

As you can see, you’re rewarded for taking riskier bets, although landing 1:1 wins isn’t bad at all. However, there are 48 pockets that host numbers, while the remaining six pockets offer you the chance to bet on landing on a bonus feature pocket.

Monopoly Live - foxybingo

What To Look Out For

Two of the pockets that offer added value are called Chance. If you choose a Chance pocket as a pocket the wheel will land on, and it does, a chance card will be drawn that either awards a cash prize or applies a multiplier to the number pockets, and the wheel spins again.

The other four pockets host what is called the Rolls Bonus game. If you manage to land this bonus, you’ll start a sequence where the Monopoly Man walks around a VR version of the Monopoly board laying down multipliers. You then start rolling dice, and the Monopoly Man walks the number you rolled, potentially stopping on the fantastic multipliers he laid down, which are applied to your wager and paid out to you. 

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The little tour the MM takes around the board holds more surprises, such as doubled multipliers. Is Monopoly Live the best live casino experience you can find? Some might think so, although we feel Deal or no Deal Live by the same studio takes some beating. However, with the stake limits available here, there's potential to win some monumental payouts.