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Mega Ball Live

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All me Foxy Bingo fans know the thrill of bingo perfectly. Seeing the balls come out and checking your slip is a thrill that can be compared to roulette or any other casino game. The same can be said about the lottery, with rarely any developer trying to mix them both. Well, until Evolution Gaming released Mega Ball, a one-of-a-kind mix of lottery and bingo that pays potentially huge sums of cash.

Mega Ball - foxybingo

Unlike bingo games, players can buy up to 200 tickets for this ride. Each ticket has 24 numbers on a 5x5 grid, with an empty square in the centre that's supposed to be filled. All you slick foxy bingo lovers will surely know what to do in the main game, but the real surprises begin in the bonus round. Trigger it, and you'll get random multipliers between x5 and x100 that can nicely boost your payouts.

Of course, the Mega Ball game has Evolution's fingerprints all over it. It's streamed in pitch-perfect video quality, has an excellent interface on any device, and is relatively easy to play. If you're in for a unique, superb, fast, and fun ride with massive payouts, I can gladly recommend Mega Ball. It's MEGA FUN!

How to Play Mega Ball

Evolution Gaming calls Mega Ball a dazzling live game show and I have to agree. It's a game me slick foxin' fans will surely love thanks to the superb presentation and the professional dealers. Similar to lotteries and bingo games, this one revolves around drawing numbered balls from a machine. More specifically, there are 51 in total, but the fast-paced gameplay makes it different from bingo.

Me players start the game by setting the value of their cards and buying up to 200 tickets. That’s it. The next step is to start playing and watch the balls drawn in anticipation.

The game’s interface makes things simple, so you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble playing. It’s quite similar to both bingo and lotteries, with 20 balls drawn quickly from the machine. All those numbers will be automatically marked on your slip. The cards are automatically arranged on the screen, with the ones closest to winning put up top.

Mega Ball Bonus and Special Features

After the 20 balls are initially drawn, the game enters the bonus round. In it, a random multiplier between x5 and x100 is applied on the 21st ball. The multiplier applies if that number manages to fill a row on your ticket or tickets. If not, better luck next time.

If you're so lucky for the Mega Ball to complete a line on your ticket, you can potentially win up to 1,000,000x. This is one of the biggest payouts I've seen in a live dealer game or online slots, for that matter. That's why I'm sure that me foxin' friends will love playing this unique lottery-bingo mashup that can deliver wins beyond your imagination.

Mega Ball Payouts

How much you win on your tickets (cards) depends on how many lines you have completed. For example, one line pays 1:1, so unless you score a multiplier on it, it's not very lucrative. If you score the highest number of paylines and take multipliers in the mix, you can win up to 999:999:1. Of course, the chances of that happening are slim, but that's the beauty of a game show like this.

The fact remains this Mega Ball game is a completely unique experience that can be pretty lucrative if you're lucky. The RTP may be lower, but the game is fast-paced and fun, and me furry fans will definitely appreciate that.

Mega Ball of Fun

The Mega Ball game is another mega-hit by Evolution Gaming. The world's leading live casino game studio has done a great job with this bingo-lottery style game show that uses Evolution's multipliers in the mix. With payouts up to 1,000,000x, this is a bingo game foxy players would love to book their ticket for.