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Lightning Roulette

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Roulette has been a staple of casino gambling for centuries. Me slick foxy fans love a good spin of the wheel, and my library is filled with the top variants. I have RNG wheels and live dealer roulette games for high rollers and those who prefer a more personal touch. If you're genuinely looking for something different, I can wholeheartedly recommend Lightning Roulette to me foxies.

Lightning Roulette Live1 - foxybingo

Developer by the king of live casino gaming, Evolution Gaming, Lightning Roulette has revolutionised the wheel. Well, not exactly the wheel itself, but the gameplay. This is roulette like you’ve never seen before, with multipliers and insane action that’s unlike anything me fans have seen.

You see, Lightning Roulette isn’t like any other roulette wheel. It perfectly blends world-class Live Roulette with RNG gameplay. It’s an amalgam you rarely get to see in any other live dealer game, making it truly one of a kind.

With massive multiplayer scalability in the mix and an unlimited number of players, this Art Deco masterpiece is a sexy choice for me players. You'll love everything about it, from the stylish presentation to the professional dealers. You'll love the gameplay, too, even if this isn't a simple spin on the roulette wheel.

Gameplay Features

If you think you'll spin a roulette wheel in this one, forget about it. Lightning Roulette is played on an electrifying UI with a stunning Art Deco background. It's one of the most impressive games in Evolution Gaming's portfolio and a major favourite of yours truly. Thanks to its success, Evolution has continued the Lightning series with blackjack and baccarat, both in a league of their own.

Lightning Roulette Live2 - foxybingo

Lightning Roulette has all the regular Live Roulette elements built into it. You can easily spot the wheel and the lines of roulette bets, all displayed by the live dealer. However, Evolution's Lucky Numbers multipliers add layers of excitement that can boost payouts up to 500x the bet.

Me fans will indeed enjoy the unorthodox yet rewarding gameplay. Don’t worry if you need help – the goal is to still put your money on one of the bets. However, the show-style environment and the unusual gameplay mix things up just like the electrifying atmosphere with massive payouts. It’s still a game of chance, so cross your fingers for that extra bit of luck.

Lightning Roulette Lucky Numbers and Payouts

Lightning Roulette's main feature is the so-called Lucky Numbers. The round begins with me players placing a bet on any bet or side wager. The game uses the European roulette table, so it's easy to play if you're familiar with it. Now, before the actual spin, the game's Random Number Generator (RNG) will select 1-5 Lucky Numbers that pay between 50x and 500x if the ball lands on them.

Of course, these only pay if you place a Straight Up bet on that number. Non-multiplier Straight Up bets in Lightning Roulette pay 30:1, while the other bets pay as a standard roulette wheel. The great news is that the Lucky Numbers can electrify your payouts like no other roulette side bet, up to a whopping 500x.

You know how they say that lightning doesn’t strike twice? Well, it can in Lightning Roulette, the best roulette wheel my foxy fans can spin!

Roulette Evolution

Evolution Gaming is constantly pushing the boundaries of casino classics, and it's no more evident in any other game than Lightning Roulette. Blending regular roulette gameplay with RNG elements and sky-high multipliers, this is a game me roulette spinning foxy fans must try. It's got the looks, it's got the payouts, and it's got a sky-high RTP of 97.30% that promises a good time.

If you want to try a different roulette game, Lightning Roulette is one you shouldn't pass up on. This Lightning can strike twice or thrice for the highest payouts with a bit of luck.