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Deal or No Deal Live

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The master of live dealer casino games is back with a brand-new creation, and if we’re being honest, it could be the best so far. The master we're talking about is Evolution Gaming, and the product fashioned is Deal or No Deal Live. Before we get into proceedings, let us just mention that Deal or no Deal has to be the most used game show on which studios have decided to base their casino games. Whether it's online bingo, slots, table games and a creation called Slingo, with Deal or no Deal Slingo, there’s a genre of casino game using Deal or no Deal as its inspiration.

Evolution Gaming, to provide some background, is very well-known for developing live dealer titles, and most of those titles can be found here, such as Crazy Time and Monopoly Live.

Coming back to the game at hand, this is a live casino game. There are those that might be unfamiliar with what live casino games are, and if this is the case, then prepare to have your mind blown. Using your preferred device, you’ll open Deal or No Deal Live, which takes you through to a real casino studio where some fancy visuals intermingle with the live casino environment. However, you’ll see as the game progresses that you’ll end up live streaming through to an actual Deal or no Deal stage, where a host requests a female assistant unveils numbers in briefcases. You thought you’d only ever be able to watch people play Deal or no Deal on the tele? Wrong, as you can actually experience for yourself here at our casino site.

One of the best aspects of this game is that all players can play and aren't restricted to a select group of players. The experience is also open 24/7, so you don't have to play at specific times.

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How To Play Deal or No Deal

Explaining how Deal or no Deal Live works gets a little complicated, and this is because there are three stages to the iGaming experience. You first need to select how much to stake. The first stage is the qualifier, the second is the Top-Up round, and the 3rd and final stage is the Game Show.

The qualifier is where you start. You don’t see the dealer yet here, but rather spin circular objects of a bank vault. You see that sections turn gold when they come to a rest, and in order to qualify, you'll need three sections next to each other turning gold. You can spin as many times as you like in order to be eligible, and each spin sets the cash prize in the briefcase you want at 75x – 500x your stake.

You then go through to the Top-Up round, and where you’ll be able to add 5x – 50x multipliers to the briefcase, or cases, you selected. You don’t actually need to take part in this round.

The final stage is the Game Show, where a very qualified game show host will request his assistant start revealing briefcases. Obviously, you'd love your briefcase to be the one right at the end. The dealer will also offer deals, with will likely be a return on your stake.

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What To Look Out For

There’s a live chat function to see what other players are getting up to. Also, that Top-Up round, if it goes your way, might provide you with a colossal prize at the end. However, don’t always ignore the dealer’s offers, as some of them tend to be the right route to take.

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Play Deal or No Deal Live at Foxy Bingo

Trying to explain the best way to go about playing Deal or No Deal Live is a little tricky because, as you would have seen in the game show, a lot of it requires your own intuition. As far as live dealer games go, however, this is probably the biggest yet, and while the potential to win cash will be different for each player, the experience is still worth every second spent playing.