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Boom City Live

Foxy has a treat for all his Live Game-lovin' fans! Pragmatic Play has just released an awesome new dice-based live game, and it's now available to play right here on Foxy Bingo.

Roll the bones in Boom City and correctly guess the result. With fast-paced action and bonus rounds that could see some lucky fox potentially win the top prize of 20,000 x the bet, this game will have your whiskers quivering with excitement, me furry friends.

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Boom City Live Game Paytable and Layout

The Boom City Live Game is set in a plush studio done up to look like the set of a game show. The centrepiece is a large 6x6 grid. This is covered in numbers and bonus positions. In front of the grid are two large dice, one blue, and one gold. These are used to determine the winners and losers in each round. The action is fast-paced, with a professional Live host or hostess to keep things moving. Players can chat with them and each other through the live chat box. 

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How to Play the Boom City Live Game

When the game starts, players have 10 seconds to place their bets on the 6x6 grid. They can choose individual bet multiplier squares and/or bonus squares. The positions on the grid all match possible outcomes from the dice roll, with the golden die giving the vertical outcome, and the blue die giving the horizontal outcome. Both dice are rolled at the same and if they land on a combination that is covered by a 'bust' icon (red square with black cross), the round is lost.

The bet multiplier positions award 1 x, 2 x, or 5x the stake to the lucky foxes who guessed the outcome of the roll correctly. For a chance to win some bigger prizes, players will need to bet on one of the four bonus positions. If they are successful in triggering one of these rounds, much bigger multipliers come into play, and I'll tell you all about the bonus rounds now, me little Foxy friends. 

Boom City Free Spins and Bonus Features

The Power Up bonus turns bust symbols into 1x prizes., It also ups the value of the multiplier positions and other bonus features. Players then get one free roll of the dice to see if they can get their paws on any of these boosted prizes.

Players back either the gold or blue die to back in the Dice Battle. The dice are then rolled three times in a row. The results of each roll are added together for each dice, and whichever one has the highest total is the winner. Players who backed the winning die receive a multiplier prize of the two totals added together. Those who backed the losing one only get the total of that die as a multiplier.

In the Boom or Bust feature, players are taken to a new 6x6 grid with multiple levels. Each level features a mix of multipliers and "bust" icons. To stay in the game and advance through the levels, players need to land on multiplier positions. One roll of the dice that lands on a bust end the feature. As the levels advance, the multipliers grow higher and higher, and each new level comes with its own 'safety net', a guaranteed payout if the player busts.

Last but not least is the Lucky Drop feature. This plays out on another 6x6 grid, but with only 3 die outcomes in each column. Players choose a column, and the dice roll six times. Each dice roll that lands on an outcome that matches those in the player's column boosts the prize multiplier.

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Play Boom City at Foxy Bingo

Live games are a great way to get that real casino feel without leaving the comfort of yer own den, aren't they, me foxy friends? And Boom City is a great addition to our catalogue here at Foxy Bingo. To have a chance of  being able to get to the big prizes, it's necessary to win a Power Up and then another bonus feature, but the fast pace of the rounds keeps it entertaining the base game. Just remember, the faster a game, the faster your bankroll can shrink, so set a loss limit before you start playing. Good Luck!

How many bonus rounds are there in Boom City?

This game features four different bonus rounds.

What is the maximum possible win for this game?

The maximum possible win is 20,000 the bet.

What is the betting range for Boom City?

Bets from 0.10 to 5000.00 are possible.