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Lucky Tap Slots

Lucky Tap Slots | Play At Foxy Bingo

Lucky Tap Slots | Play At Foxy Bingo

Lucky Tap Slots Online Review

Prick up your furry little ears up, my foxy friends, because there’s a new type of game in town, and Foxy is here to tell you all about it! Lucky Tap slots are a type of instant win game where, like slots, the player has a chance of winning a prize every time they click spin.

But they're different from slots because they don't have reels which spin round and land symbols. Instead, players are presented with an object, like a piggy bank or treasure chest, which they have to break open. Or it could be something else, like trying to ring a bell or dunk a basketball. The players just set their desired bet level and click away to try and complete the objective and win cash prizes. 

The Best Lucky Tap Slots Games

Test Your Strength Lucky Tap

Take a trip to the carnival and flex your muscles to perform feats of strength. Click to swing the hammer and try and ring the bell. Every dong gets the player a cash prize. 

Super Pinata Lucky Tap

In Super Piñata LuckyTap, another Design Works Gaming release, players swing to smash open the piñata to win instant cash prizes, free spins, and one of four jackpots.

Piggy Payouts Bank Buster Lucky Tap

Tap away to see cracks appear on the piggy bank. Hit it in the right spot, and the player can break it open completely to get to all the cash stashed away inside.  

Hold Your Horses Lucky Tap

A horse racing-themed game, players watch the gee-gees race around the track and try to click their nag across the finish line first.

Dunk Buddy Lucky Tap

Throw basketballs in the exciting Dunk Buddy LuckyTap slot from Design Works Gaming. Dunk the Cash Buddy. There are epic potential payouts in this NBA-themed game where a Random Multipliers of up to 7x, and a Free Games feature can lead to massive rewards.

Coconut Climb Lucky Tap

Take a break on a Pacific island, where if you can get to the top of the tree to crack a coconut, cash prizes are waiting.

Break the Bounty Lucky Tap

Tap away at the treasure chest in Break the Bounty to collect coins as cracks appear. Hit it right, and you could reveal the Mega Jackpot of 750 x the stake.

Break The Bounty Lucky Tap Slot Eng - foxybingo

Bonus Bolts High Voltage Lucky Tap

This electrifying game pays homage to the greatest genius of the 20th Century, the Serb Nikola Tesla. Light up the these coils with every tap, generate enough current and win cash prizes, and there's also a chance the player could spark a random win multiplier of between x3 to x15. 

Play Lucky Tap slots at Foxy Bingo

Lucky Tap slots are fast and fun, and are growing in popularity with my furry family. We have a great range already here at Foxy Bingo, and I've always got my foxy eyes out for more I can bring to my furry fans. 

Just keep in mind, these are RNG games, just like slots, and the results of the spin depend entirely on the RNG and nothing that the player does can affect this. This means they are casino games of chance, not skill. And since there are no reels to spin, they are also much faster than slots, so it’s important you gamble responsibly and always set a loss limit for each session. Good Luck.