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Break the Bounty Lucky Tap

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  • Software: AGS
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
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Break the Bounty Lucky Tap Online Slot Review

The Break the Bounty Lucky Tap slot is a treasure-hunting-themed game where players try to get their hands on some pirate gold by breaking open the treasure chest sitting in the middle of the screen.

Break The Bounty Lucky Tap Slot Eng - foxybingo

This is a Lucky Tap game, so it doesn’t feature the type of grid with reels and rows that are usually associated with online slots. You still have a chance of winning a prize on every click, but not by landing matching symbols on a payline. 

Instead, each Lucky Tap game has an objective, like breaking open the piggy bank in Piggy Payouts Bank Buster or getting the ball in the back of the net like in Winning Kick. Players click the spin button to start a reaction, and if the objective is completed, they'll receive a payout. This unique game format is the brainchild of Design Works Gaming

In Break the Bounty, the idea is to open the treasure chest. This is done by filling the metre above it. If this fills up, the treasure chest will release some of its contents into the player’s account. 

Feature Symbols

When the game opens, players will see a large blue treasure chest sitting on tip of a map. Around the chest are 18 gold framed spaces, and in each of these is a cash value of a multiple of the bet. These range from 0.25x the bet all the way up to 500x. 

To try and land these, players simply choose their betting level, which can be anywhere between 0.20 and 50 per spin and start clicking away. If the metre doesn’t fill on one click, the next one can start before it completely empties, and when it does fill, between 3 and 18 cash values will light up and be awarded to the player. 

Bonuses and Jackpots

Break The Bounty Lucky Tap Bonus Eng - foxybingo

Lucky Tap games are very straightforward in concept and gameplay, so they don't usually feature much in the way of bonus rounds, and Break the Bounty is no exception. There are no reels for Scatters to land on, so there are no Free Spins. And since there aren't any symbols to replace, there's also no need for a Wild.

But there is one bonus that can help boost potential wins quite considerably, and this is a random feature that can kick in after a winning spin. If the metre fills, but less than 10 of the cash values light up, the Multiplier feature kicks in. This will choose a random multiplier from a range of x2 to x7 and apply it to all the cash values awarded.

Play Break the Bounty Lucky Tap at Foxy Bingo

Like all Lucky Tap games, the Break the Bounty Lucky Tap slot is an extremely fast-paced game. And it has big win potential, especially if all the cash values payout at once. But since there is no need to wait for reels to stop spinning between clicks, it can also burn through your bankroll at a much faster rate than other Instant Win games like slots or Slingo. That’s why, in the interests of player safety, we recommend you always set a loss limit before paying. Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the Break the Bounty Lucky Tap online slot?

Break the Bounty Lucky Tap is produced by DWG.

How do I land a win in this game?

Click to fill the metre above the chest so that it releases some of its contents.