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Guide to Bingo Chat Rooms

Guide to Bingo Chat Rooms

Guide to Bingo Chat Rooms

From the very beginning, bingo has always been a social game. Bingo nights in the local bingo hall were a high point of the week for generations of families. So the idea of playing online bingo, by yourself, isolated from all the other bingo-lovin' foxes might not seem appealing, right?

Guide To Bingo Chat Room - foxybingo

But don't worry, my furry friends, because, as always, Foxy has you covered. With all our Bingo games, you can also use the Chat Rooms. This is where you can hang out with your fellow players, talk about the game, see announcements from the Chat Host, and generally have a good time in a friendly atmosphere.

What is a Bingo Chat Room?

You'll see a chat icon beside the game when you enter one of our bingo rooms. Just click on this, and you'll be able to post and receive messages from all the other players. Just remember this is not a private chat, and you have to respect the chat room rules.

A chat host is available to answer any questions about the game or deal with issues and give advice on pretty much anything, including depositing, withdrawing, rules on promotions, how to play the games and claim bonuses. The chat host will also use the chat room to make announcements, give away prizes and draw your attention to any special offers, new bonuses or promotions, so they are always worth checking out, even if you don't want to take part in any conversations. 

You can also use the rooms to play chat games with your fellow roomies. These are run by the chat host and usually take the form of quizzes, with the first player to answer a question correctly winning a prize. These could be player points, free bingo tickets, free spins on slots or other bonuses Foxy has for his furry family.

How to Use the Chat Room

It’s easy, just place your cursor in the chat box and type out your message then hit return. Your message will be instantly visible to all the other roomies right away. You can also send private messages to other roomies, and carry on more than one conversation at once. 

Chat rooms are sociable places, and to make messaging simpler, a lot of abbreviations are used. This might be confusing at first for new roomies, but don't panic; you'll soon get the hang of it. A lot of them will already be familiar, like LOL (laughing out loud), GR8 (great), ROFL (rolling on floor laughing), JK (just kidding) or BRB (be right back).

But there is even more specific bingo lingo as well, like 1TG and 2TG, meaning '1 to go' and '2 to go' and refer to how many numbers the lucky fox has left to mark off before they win. And for more terms, you can check out Foxy’s Bingo Glossary here.

Why Use Bingo Chat Rooms

The chat room is central to every good bingo site. It's where you can get to meet fellow players, find out about promotions, and even win some extra cash or bonuses with the Chat Games. And we're a friendly bunch here at Foxy Bingo, so come and meet more of my furry family while playing some of the best online bingo you can find!