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What Is Slingo?

What Is Slingo?

What Is Slingo?

Slingo is an action-packed combination of two great games; slots and bingo – and that's where the name comes from, too. Slingo games are played on a 5x5 grid, which looks very much like a bingo card. A set of reels spin below this grid, and the player's goal is to match the numbers landing on the reels to the ones on the grid.

 The game is the brainchild of an American, Sal Falciglia, who came up with it in 1994. The inspiration was the bingo games his mother used to drag him to as a child and his own love of one-arm-bandit fruit machines.

Since then, Slingo has come into its own, and now there is a massive selection of Slingo games to play online, including right here at Foxy Bingo, with nearly as many fun themes and variations as online slots themselves.  

How to play Slingo

Most Slingo games follow the same easy-to-learn format, which even new players have no trouble learning.  

To play, simply set things rolling by pressing the spin button.

The numbers on the 5x5 grid that match the ones landing on the reel directly below them will be automatically crossed off. Slingos are made by marking off all five numbers in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line across the grid.

Every Slingo completed moves the player a step up the prize ladder. The prizes on offer vary from game to game, and some games even feature exciting bonus rounds!

The top prize of the game is awarded if the player marks off all the numbers on the grid for a Full House. 

Special symbols, called Jokers and Super Jokers, can land on the reels to help you complete Slingos, and some games have other symbols that award extra spins, cash prizes or trigger bonus rounds. 

Players get a set amount of spins for their initial bet and can purchase extra spins to try and climb higher up the prize ladder when these run out. Each extra spin is paid for individually, and the price increases the closer you get to a Full House. 

Our Favourite Slingo Games

The choice of Slingo games is huge, so we’ve listed a few of our favourites for you to try if you’re new to the game. 

Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo Rainbow Riches combines the seven bonus rounds and fun Irish theme of the original slot game with fast-paced Slingo action.

Slingo Centurion

Another Slingo game based on a slot, Slingo Centurion sees Maximus Winnus dole out bonuses from the original slot game.

Slingo Deal or No Deal

Complete four Slingos to unlock the Banker’s Offer in this great gameshow-inspired game.

Slingo Classic

Slingo Classic takes it back to basics to celebrate 20 years of Slingo! Inspired by the original Slingo game, the retro design and no-frills format are all about recreating the original Slingo experience.

Here at Foxy Bingo, you can find all the best Slingo games around. Check them out today for some slot/bingo hybrid fun. Good Luck.