What is Slingo Bingo? The Ultimate Guide to Slingo Games - foxybingo

What is Slingo Bingo? The Ultimate Guide to Slingo Games

What is Slingo Bingo? The Ultimate Guide to Slingo Games

What happens when slots meet bingo? That's likely what was going through the mind of Sal Falciglia Sr. of New Jersey, who invented the game in 1994. This unique game comes with a variety of different features, including bonuses, jackpots, and fixed-value prizes, all while following a similar ruleset to traditional bingo alternatives. 

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Another aspect of Slingo Bingo that makes it so appealing to players, is the speed of each round. Unlike traditional bingo games, each number does not have to be manually marked off by the player. This is done automatically, lessening the amount of focus needed, while also keeping the pace high. 

If this sounds appealing, learning the rules and mechanics of Slingo is the next step to consider. In this article, Foxy Bingo covers every aspect of the game, including how to play Slingo, the different Slingo Bingo variations, and a selection of strategies that many punters use! 

Understanding Slingo Bingo

As the name suggests, Slingo is a combination of online slots and bingo. Instead of the numbers being placed on balls and picked from a machine, they appear along a reel, which is often found at the bottom of the screen. The objective of the game is the same as standard bingo, with players attempting to create certain patterns or cross off all numbers on their board.  

Other differences include the range of bonuses, number of lines, and level of interactivity. For example, with titles such as Slingo Rainbow Riches, instead of being awarded with a fixed value based on the bet size, access to a specific bonus mode may be granted. These commonly include free spins and 'pick em' style rounds. 

Some versions of Slingo, like Slingo Lucky Streak, have up to 10 lines too, with the jackpot being awarded for a full house. When it comes to the level of interactivity, Slingo requires less input than regular bingo, as all numbers are marked off automatically. Players do, however, have the option to cross off different numbers with wilds and super wilds.

How to Play Slingo

Slingo is incredibly straightforward, much like standard bingo, and comes with only a few steps. Here's a full guide on how to play, from start to finish:  

1. Bet Size - Like with all online casino games, players should choose a comfortable stake size for the round. 

2. Start - Players will be given a card with random numbers, before numbers appear on the reel, often found towards the bottom of the screen. There are some other symbols that may appear, too, which will be covered in this guide. 

3. Interact - Should wilds or super wilds appear, players should think carefully to decide which positioning gives them the best outcome. 

4. Check - At the end of the round, the card will be automatically checked, and any potential winnings will be displayed. 

5. Decide - Finally, if the game allows, players will be offered the chance to buy additional spins. 

The price for these will change frequently, so double-checking before committing is crucial.  

Now that we've touched on the basic gameplay, let's explain some of the special symbols that may appear on the reel, alongside the standard numbers. These include:  

  • Wilds - These allow players to cross off a number on the reel above. 
  • Super Wilds - These allow players to cross off any number on the entire board. 

  • Blockers - As the name suggests, these do nothing except for blocking space on the reel. 

  • Extra Spin - Again, this symbol is fairly self-explanatory, awarding another spin to the player. 

  • Scatters - Often shown as coins, these can award players with a fixed value, regardless of the outcome of the round. 

In regards to the different patterns in Slingo, the type more common are lines and full houses. Lines consist of 5 numbers on the 5x5 board, with up to 10 being available in most Slingo games. A full house often comes with the highest potential winnings, which are awarded for matching all numbers on the card. 

Slingo Bingo Platforms

Here at Foxy Bingo, we offer players a platform to play Slingo on both desktops and mobile devices. Our app seamlessly translates all games, including Slingo, to phones and tablets, allowing for ultimate convenience. We also offer a variety of bonuses and promotions, which are explained in the section below. 

For those that want to play Slingo on mobile, the interface will automatically adjust to the screen size, with all rules remaining the same. Simply select a stake size, click on the start button, and watch the numbers appear on the reel set. Players can load up a demo version of the game to familiarise themselves with the new layout. 

Slingo Bingo Strategy

Slingo is a game that is almost entirely reliant on luck, just like online slots. However, there are a couple of areas that require human interaction, it isn't just about clicking a button and waiting until the end of the round. These areas can be influenced with strategy, which includes: 

  • Wild Placement - When deciding on where to place a wild, there are two things to consider. First, crossing-off lines that are part of multiple lines is key, which is typically those in the corners or centre of the board. Next up is deciding on the objective for the game, as some players may prefer to cross off numbers that are linked to bonus modes, as free spins or 'pick em' rounds may be more desirable than fixed values. 
  • Purchasing Spins - Once the main round has been completed, most Slingo games will give players an opportunity to purchase an additional spin. The price for this will depend on how close a player is to completing a line, full house, or any other pattern. It can rise steeply between purchases, so it's crucial to be careful when doing so. Most strategies recommend against buying extra spins. However, it's all a matter of preference. 

A more general tip, not specific to Slingo, is for players to effectively manage their bankroll. Perhaps the most effective way to achieve this is by implementing a flat betting strategy, meaning that the stake size is not changed throughout the session. This can help players to ride the wave of volatility, should there be swings in either a position or negative direction. 

In order to understand the odds of Slingo games, players can look at the RTP. This is shown as a percentage within the title itself, which indicates the amount of all wagered funds that will be redistributed to players. Slingo games with a higher RTP have a lower house edge, which is why many punters will browse carefully through each title before selecting a game. 

Bonuses, Promotions and Tournaments

Slingo bonuses come in a variety of forms. These can include deposit bonuses, free spins, or fixed-value prizes awarded through tournaments. Here at Foxy Bingo, players can browse through a range of promotions, with the most popular being our welcome package. This includes 40.00 of bonus funds and 40 free spins, both of which are subject to wagering requirements.  

Of course, this is available exclusively to new players. However, existing users can benefit from tailored rewards while also having the potential to participate in tournaments. Players can opt into any tournament they wish, all of which run on a weekly basis. Outcomes such as a winning round and a win of over 10x the stake size can award points, which will help players climb the leaderboards. Those who top the leaderboard will then be awarded with the corresponding potential winnings!  

Playing for Real Money and Fun

Demo versions of Slingo games are another thing that players could consider, before using the balance associated with their account. These free play Slingo games can help players practise and familiarise themselves with the rules. Furthermore, strategies revolving around wild placement can be formulated, and players can also test out the extra spin mechanic. 

After finding the right game and ensuring that all features have been learned, players can then opt to wager real funds, if they wish. When doing so, setting limits in advance is highly recommended, with Foxy Bingo offering a variety of responsible gambling features to ensure that players stay safe at all times. As mentioned previously, extra care should be taken when purchasing extra spins, if relevant to the chosen title. 


All in all, Slingo is a unique game that can provide players with a fresh spin on traditional bingo alternatives. While all numbers are crossed-off automatically if they appear on the reel, player interaction is still required when it comes to the placement of wilds and super wilds. Another interesting feature of Slingo is the added bonus modes, alongside the potential for scatter icons to appear and award fixed-value prizes. 

Before placing bets with real money, players should strongly consider testing out demo versions of each game. This is particularly beneficial for beginners, as they can practise, learn the range of mechanics, and find a title that matches their preferences without spending any of their casino balance. Once ready, players can then proceed to making real bets, if they wish. 

Singo can offer a lot of fun and can appeal to a wide range of users. The fast pace, variety of patterns and unique appearance make this game category stand out from the crowd! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Slingo Bingo?

Slingo is a hybrid of bingo and online slots. Instead of being pulled out of a machine, numbers are displayed on a single reel.

How is Slingo Bingo different from traditional bingo?

The main difference between Slingo and standard bingo is the way that numbers are selected. Other factors include the winning patterns and bonus modes that are found across a variety of Slingo titles.

What are the rules of Slingo Bingo?

Slingo involves players crossing off as many of the numbers on their board as possible. If numbers match, they will be crossed off automatically,

How do I win in Slingo Bingo?

Forming different patterns, such as lines, with crossed-off numbers can award players with potential winnings. Some bonus modes, such as free spin or 'pick em' rounds may also trigger.

Can I play Slingo Bingo online?

Yes, Slingo Bingo is available to play online here at Foxy Bingo. A huge selection of titles are available on both desktops and mobile devices.

Where can I find Slingo Bingo games?

Foxy Bingo has a large catalogue of Slingo Bingo games available to play online. With a range of themes and features to pick from, there's something to match virtually any preference!

Are there any tips or strategies for playing Slingo Bingo?

Yes, Slingo Bingo does have strategies that players can follow. Arguably, the most effective one revolves around wild placement, with numbers that are part of multiple winning patterns being prioritised.

Can I play Slingo Bingo on mobile devices?

Yes, Slingo can be played on mobile devices. Most titles are optimised for play on phones and tablets without any features being sacrificed.

Are there different variations of Slingo Bingo?

Yes, Slingo comes in many variations. There are different themes and mechanics that players can choose from, allowing everyone to find a title that matches their preferences.

Is Slingo Bingo a combination of slots and bingo?

As the name suggests, Slingo is a combination of slots and bingo. The reel element and special symbols are taken from slots, while the main objective comes from traditional bingo!