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Slots Tips and Tricks

Everyone has got their own favourite casino games, but slots are almost universally popular. With flashing lights, striking graphics and the chance of cash prizes, it’s little wonder that they’re in hot demand.

Unfortunately, there are no magic tricks to winning on slot machines every time, despite what some casino slot tips might insist. Each spin uses a random number generator - and a random number generator is exactly that: random. That means there's no way of knowing when a machine is "due" to payout.

But before you slink away in disappointment, just hold your horses a moment. We never said we couldn't help at all! There are specific slot tips and tricks which can make playing them more enjoyable and potentially more profitable - providing there is also a little bit of luck.

Here’s the inside info and online slot tips that players should know.

Random Means Random

If you've been chugging away at a slot for some time, there's a temptation to keep going until you win. When a slot game hasn't paid out for a while, common sense says that it has to pay sooner or later, right? Wrong. 

Although every slot has an average payout rate, known as the RTP, there's no guarantee that this is the experience you'll have. Online slots use random number generators (RNG), so the numbers are chosen at random on every spin. 

What this means is that there's nothing to make a slot pay out after a dry spell. You've got as much chance of winning on your first spin as you will on your 100th turn. Therefore, there's no point in spending more money because you think a win must be "due". Set a budget to play and stick to it, even if that means ending the day with a loss.

Understand Your Payout Preferences

Not all slots pay out in this same way. Some games have massive jackpots which pay out very infrequently, and you'd have to be very lucky to win. Other slots have smaller prizes that pay out more regularly.

This is known as volatility. High volatility means big payouts, which occur less frequently. Low volatility means smaller prizes that pay out more often. Somewhat obviously, medium volatility means it's somewhere in the middle!

You'll potentially need a bigger budget to play high volatility games because, depending on your luck, you might be waiting for quite some time for a win. But those potential prizes will be bigger! It can be nerve-wracking to continue to play with few wins, so you might prefer a low or medium volatility game with more regular, smaller payouts.

Bear in mind, low volatility games don’t mean that you won’t get a big prize ever, just that it’s less likely to happen!

Choose a Regulated Casino

The popularity of online slots means there are now hundreds of different casinos to choose from. Variety is great for players, but it's important to make sure you only play on a site you can trust.

Look for an online casino that is regulated and authorised by a body such as the UK Gambling Commission. The very high standards and rigorous monitoring mean that you can trust that the slots will be fair and your private data kept safe.

Take Advantage of Bonus Codes

One of the best slot machine tips is to make sure you regularly check for bonus codes and offers. With so many casinos out there, they’ve got to work hard to keep you! And that’s good news for you as it means more bonuses and special offers - but don’t forget to take advantage of them. 

Welcome bonuses usually give you the most bang for your buck, but it’s still worth keeping an eye out for reload and loyalty bonuses. A no-deposit bonus is great, but there are plenty of other good deals out there, such as a match bonus.

One particularly good tip is to check for any offers on new slots. Lots of players have their favourite games and aren’t especially interested in trying something new. To persuade you to give them a whirl, casinos often offer free spins on new released or promoted titles.

Check the Qualifying Criteria for Jackpots

There is no difference in the prizes available on some slots, regardless of how much you bet. However, some slot titles have a minimum level that you need to bet to be eligible for a jackpot win.

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve got a big win in the bag, only to discover that you aren’t eligible for the jackpot.

The other thing to consider is that larger bets increase the chances of winning the bigger prizes on many slots. It's entirely up to you how you play, but it's worth considering this factor when weighing up how much to bet.

Check Out the Demo Game

Whether you're new to slots or you've been spinning the reels for many years, there's no shame in making full use of a demo. If you want to make sure you fully understand the rules or just want to check out how it plays, the demo is ideal as it won't cost you a penny.

Some slots pay out more frequently than others, and you can sometimes piece this together by combining the RTP and the volatility. However, just having a few spins will give you a better feel for the game than any stat ever will, which is why the demo version is so damn handy! Play it at Foxy Bingo web or app, desktop or mobile.