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Complete Guide to Free Spins

Getting your tail in a spin is never a good move, but when it comes to the reels, it's a different matter altogether - particularly if it's a freebie like free spins.

Us foxes are a generous bunch, but you’ll find all other casinos offer free spins too. It’s a popular type of bonus that players really enjoy. You might get them when you sign up as a new player, but you’ll get offered them regularly as an existing player too.

When you’ve got a nose that’s as sensitive as mine, it doesn’t take long to sniff out the best deals - but you’ll need to know the terms that apply. Even if you’ve managed to track down some free spins before, it’s always a good idea to check out the terms as they can be different each time. 

Here’s the lowdown on free spins from a wily old fox…

What Types of Games Are Included?

The mere mention of getting some free spins might get you lining up your favourite slots in your head, but hold your horses for a second. Some free spins are restricted to certain games and might not be available right across the board. 

Free spins might be offered as part of a random loyalty bonus, but they’re particularly common when a new slot game is launched. To try and encourage everyone to give the new game a whirl, free spins are often offered.

Wagering Requirements

This is the biggie that everyone needs to be clear on. When you play a bonus of any kind, there's going to be wagering requirements. You might hear them called playthrough requirements, but they're the same deal.

Wagering requirements matter when you bag a win using free spins. You might be in a big old rush to withdraw your winnings, but it doesn't quite work like that.

You will be able to withdraw your winnings eventually - but you’ll need to meet the wagering requirements first. Put simply, that just means that you need to bet the money again a certain number of times. And you’ll know how many times you need to do that by checking the wagering requirements. For example, wagering requirements of x5 means you’ll need to bet the money again five more times. Simple, right? 

This means, the lower the wagering requirements, the sooner you’ll get your paws on the readies. You won’t have forever to claim the money so you’ll need to meet the wagering requirements within the time limit.

One more thing - not all games contribute to wagering requirements. You don't need to stick with the same slot, but you will need to check whether the game you want to play is included.

Some games are included but only partially, so you know what we're going to say…check the terms and conditions.

Withdrawal Limits

Even if you get past the wagering requirements, you’re still not completely home free. There might be a limit on what you can withdraw - this only applies to bonuses, not your regular play. 

Don’t be too despondent about this though - remember that all your winnings from free spins are all 100% profit! You haven’t spent a single penny so whatever you take away is quite literally free cash. Not bad at all!

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