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Your essential guide to creating your bingo party for friends or family. We’ve even got suggestions on what to food to eat, and what tunes to play!

With more people choosing to entertain at home than ever before, now’s the ideal time to throw a bingo party!

With our help, you can plan an amazing bingo-themed event for everyone to enjoy at home or online.

We’ve got plenty of fun ideas, including everything from tips on food to a paw-tapping party playlist.

Bingo Lockdown

We are all having to find ways of making the best of the current situation. The great thing about Bingo is its ability to bring people together, even if we can be in the same place!

Thanks to the connective power of the internet, we can still throw a bingo bash for all our friends and family during lockdown, just connect using your preferred video calling app and let’s have a bingo ball!

Bingo Party Games

Firstly, you’ll want to cater to your Foxy Fab audience in the best way possible. So, start by thinking about who you’re going to invite. Will it be younger adults or older friends and family?

For people new to bingo, Foxy suggests having a super-simple format, so you may want to create bingo cards that use fewer numbers or even swap the numbers out for fun symbols or images or maybe even Foxy-themed emojis!

For a proper game, you could use either 75-ball or 90-ball cards. You can often purchase these online or use free websites that let you print off cards to use at home.

If you want to use a theme for your party to make it even more entertaining, you can extend the theme by choosing suitable music, food and even bingo calls. Foxy’s got a few ideas to get you started below…

Finally, don’t forget to grab some dabbers along with your bingo cards, and you’ll also need to borrow or buy a bingo ball spinner for the host to use.

Bingo Party Prizes

No bingo game would be complete without prizes, and the old and young alike are sure to be thrilled if you can come up with some creative or fun rewards and treats for the lucky winners of your bingo party.

The prizes that you can use will depend on your budget, and we’re sure that if you’re inviting friends and family to attend that they won’t mind contributing.

Ideas for older players could range from DVDs, delicatessen, and chocolates to gift vouchers and cash. However, if you’re planning a themed party, you could choose alternative gifts like chocolate eggs for Easter or a Christmas cake for festive events.

Foxy’s fab suggestion is to use lucky dip prizes where the winner gets to pick a random present from a bag. Alternatively, you could do away with prizes and choose to play fun forfeits!

Younger adults might like vouchers for their favourite high street/online store(s) or gaming platforms.


While it’s easier to act as the host of your bingo party, you might not want to miss out on all the fun. So, you could think about hiring a bingo caller.

However, a professional bingo caller might not come cheap, so you could save money by asking a relative such as your grandma or aunt if they’d mind doing the honours.

Nearly everyone enjoys the opportunity to dress up. So, why not consider asking your guests to attend in fancy dress or even black-tie? We’re sure that people would enjoy the chance to win a ‘best fancy dress prize’ so what about a fancy dress theme?

Music is a great way to get the Foxy Fab tapping their paws as they listen out for bingo calls! You could either choose tracks to suit the theme of your party or pick songs that are based around numbers.

For the latter, we recommend number-themed songs like the Commodores’ Three Times a Lady, Bryan Adams’ Summer of ’69, Marvin Gaye’s It Takes Two, The Beatles’ Eight Days a Week, Lou Bega’s Mambo No. 5, and Fleetwood Mac’s Seven Wonders.

Fab food ideas

Nobody likes turning up at a party to find out that their stomach is likely to be rumbling all night.

So, don’t leave your guests high and dry! Plan some food items that will make bingo-ing the day or night away a delicious treat for your guests.

You could cut sandwiches into the shapes of numbers or serve foods that are based around your party’s theme. Doughnuts can easily represent the number 0, and the bakers among you could knock up a batch of square biscuits that could be iced to look like bingo cards.

Mini scotch eggs and Quorn balls can be ‘iced’ with ketchup to look like bingo balls too!

Decorations and Party Favours

If you put up decorations at Christmas time, then why not get your house (or another venue) spruced up for your bingo bash? It’s relatively cheap to make your decorations with the help of some paper, glue, and glitter, and you could even print off bingo-themed pictures to hang around the room. Balloons with different numbers would also make a nice addition!

Party favours make another nice touch for a DIY bingo party, and you could plump for sweets and chocolates or miniature gifts like the ones you get in Christmas crackers.


We hope that our guide to hosting your bingo party has given you plenty of ideas on making your event a huge success, as well as unique. Plus, we’re sure that (pardon the pun) both yourself and all your guests will have a ball!