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What are Instant Win Games?

What are Instant Win Games?

One thing me and the Foxy team here at Foxy Bingo take pride in is providing our players with a huge range of games. From Bingo and Slots to Live Game Shows, we've got them all. 

And one category that’s very popular with all me foxy friends is Instant Win Games. So what are they exactly? 

Instant Win Games are games of chance where you know the outcome instantly. Just play the game, which usually takes only a few seconds, and you’ll know immediately whether or not you’ve won a prize. 

What Are Instant Win Game - foxybingo

What Types of Instant Win Games are There?

Instant Win Games come in many different forms. Slots are essentially instant win games because you know after every spin whether you've won something or not. But since they are so popular, and most people play for more than one spin at a time, they go in a category all of their own.   

What we generally refer to as instant win games are Spin to Win, Prize Drop, Scratchcards, Slingos, and Pick’em Games – Pretty much any type of game where the player performs a few actions to try and land a win, and the game is over. Another thing about these types of games is that they can be played for pretty low stakes.

A Brief History of Instant Win Games

Gambling itself has a long history, with archaeologists claiming to have found evidence of games of chance being played as far back as the Paleolithic period, approximately 3000 BCE.  

These weren't instant win games, of course, which are much younger. But they still have an impressive pedigree, growing out of Lottery games. And the first form of lottery goes back to the Han Dynasty, between 205 and 187 BC, when the Chinese Empire sold Keno slips to its citizens to finance public works.  

It wasn’t until the 1970s that the first real instant win games appeared. A certain John Koza convinced lottery officials in the state of Massachusetts to give his idea of an instant win lottery scratch-off game a shot, and the first scratchcard was born. What’s more, the company he founded, Scientific Games, is still going strong.  

In 1994, the first online casino was opened by gambling software giant Microgaming, and it wasn’t long after that that Scientific Games and other developers started to produce online versions of their products. 

Check out Our Instant Win Games!

Here at Foxy Bingo, we've got a full range of Scratchcards and other instant games. Play classics like Big Money Slingo, or new games like the tap to win Piggy Payouts Bank Buster. Or Scratchcards like King Kong Cash, where you could end up playing for one of the great Jackpot King progressive jackpots for stakes as low as 1.00 per game!  

Just keep in mind that games like these and all gambling games, in general, are intended as a form of entertainment, not a way to earn money. Always set a loss limit for every session, and never gamble money you can’t afford to lose. Good Luck!