There’s £1,000s to be won in cash prizes as well as a few non-cash treats every week in me pre-purchase games. Now I know we’re all busy people, that’s why you can buy cards for these games a month in advance. It’s why it’s called ‘pre-purchase’, love. So you’ve got plenty of time to get ya lucky cards lined up before ready for ya games.

Pre-Buy Jackpots

Freakin’ ferrets – you’ll never miss out on a win with me pretty spectacular pre-buy games! Buy yer cards in advance and join the fun even if you can’t get to your computer. Check it out:

You can pre-buy tickets to some jackpot games on Foxy Bingo. This gives you the chance to make sure that you can buy all of the tickets that you want and have your place in the game secured. All you need to do to purchase these tickets is to head to the lobby and enter the game you wish to pre-buy cards for. Once in the room you can select and purchase your tickets. You can go back and purchase more cards (up to the maximum amount of cards) any time before the game is due to play. Your cards will then be saved on your account ready for when the game begins.

Not only do the games run every night but there are also jackpots up to £5,000! Why not give it a go?