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Butterfly Staxx

Butterfly Staxx is a particularly attractive online slot made by NetEnt. Within the tropical paradise that forms the game’s background, you’ll spot beautiful yellow butterflies landing on the reels, and these mesmerising creatures are the key to the two exclusive bonus features.

Firstly, you have the Re-Spins Feature, which launches every time you get a stack of butterflies on any of the five reels. It not only awards a free re-spin but also allows clusters of butterflies to gather on the leftmost reels where they continue to trigger the Re-Spins Feature until no new butterflies are sighted.

Secondly, there’s the exciting Butterfly Spins feature, which is so much better than a standard free spins bonus. The reason for this is that only one type of symbol (the cocoon) is used on the reels, and when a cocoon is activated, it opens to reveal newly-formed butterflies which then trigger the Re-Spins Feature.

Why we love it

Apart from the two never-before-seen special features, the Butterfly Staxx boasts some excellent animations. When the cocoons open up to reveal delicate yellow Brimstone butterflies, it feels as though you’re watching a nature programme on TV! And, when the Re-Spins Feature causes the insects to fly towards Reel 1, each of them moves and flaps its wings at a different pace.

As a NetEnt slot, it performs beautifully on both desktops and mobile devices. So, no matter what size screen you choose to play it on, you can enjoy the charming nature theme at its best.

Finally, it’s time to talk about how much money the game potentially offers. On every base game spin, there’s up to 120 times your stake to play for, and in the Free Spins Feature, that amount skyrockets to 840 times your stake!


  • Select from Levels 1 to 10 to play.
  • Choose from the following coin values: 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1.00 or 2.00.
  • Play with the maximum paylines, highest bet level, and your current coin value by selecting MAX BET.
  • Load the paytable by clicking the ‘I’ button to see how much each symbol pays, and how the bonus features work.
  • Use the Auto-Play option to spin the reels automatically 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 250, 500, 750 or 1,000 times.


A pink-and-yellow tropical flower acts as the wild symbol, and when it lands on the reels emulating a mysterious white light, it has the power to substitute for all other symbols to create more potential winning combos (with the exception of the scatter).


Three or more of the purple flower symbol marked “Scatter” activates the Butterfly Spins Feature. Three, four or five scatters get you five, six or seven Butterfly Spins accordingly. In this unique special feature, only cocoon symbols are used on the reels, and they can either be active or dormant. Active cocoons (which glow bright green) transform into beautiful butterflies, which move to the leftmost reel of the same row that doesn’t already hold a butterfly symbol. With each consecutive spin that butterflies emerge from their cocoons, they move left to merge with the existing butterfly cluster, and remain on the reels until the end of the feature.


Whenever a whole stack of butterflies appears on any reel, it moves to the leftmost reel of the same row that doesn’t already hold a butterfly symbol and stays in place while the reels are re-spun. You can continue adding to the cluster of butterflies by spinning more butterfly symbols, and when no more appear on the reels, the re-spin feature ends.

Return To Player

RTP is 96.80%. Malfunction voids all plays and payouts.