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A nation of tea drinkers: Almost a quarter of brits drink over five cups of tea a day

Brits are renowned for being particular with how they like their brew, whether it’s milky or strong to how many cups they have a day.

Foxy Bingo conducted research into the nation’s tea habits and found that almost a quarter (24%) enjoy over five cups per day with over two-fifths (44%) agreeing that the perfect cuppa should be a perfectly balanced, medium shade.

The research, carried out to support the launch of its new advert that see’s Foxy drinking a cup of tea during his quest for inspiration, also revealed that us Brits drink a staggering 1,205 cups per year.

Interestingly, almost a quarter of men (24%) are more likely to drink three cups a day, compared to women who drink two (22%). However, both agreed that the perfect cup of tea should be in-between milky and strong (43%).

To support the research, Foxy Bingo created a ‘Tea Map’ of the UK, showcasing exactly how each region prefers their tea. If you’re trying to wow someone in Leeds or Cardiff, make sure you stick to a builder's brew. However, if you’re attempting to impress in London or Bristol, it appears that the milkier the better.






Leeds took the top spot as the city who favours a cuppa the most, drinking an average of 3.9 cups per day, compared to those in Edinburgh who drink less than any other city with 2.9 cups per day.

Sara Jolly, head of brand marketing, “It’s so interesting to visually see how much us Brits really love a cuppa, and we’d have to say we agree with the majority of the nation on how we have ours.”

For more information visit: https://www.foxybingo.com/