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Slingo Monopoly

  • Progressive jackpot: No
  • Software: Gaming Realms
  • Paylines: N/A
  • Reels: 5
Slingo Monopoly

About Singo Monopoly

Slingo combines the world of slots and bingo to puts the power in your paws, meaning there’s certainly no ‘board’om with this! How? By allowing you to set the volatility before you play. For example, if you choose the dog, then you’ll get eight rolls for your stake amount, up to four extra ones and a top prize of £5,000. If you choose the car, you’ll get seven rolls, six extras, and a max win of £15,000.

There are even a few elements lifted straight from the classic, like Chance and Community Chest, that work exactly the same as they would as if you were playing the boardgame, so you already know some of this game's rules! Roll the dice on every spin to move around the board and mark off properties as you land them. These act as multipliers and if you land a whole set of them, like all green properties, for example, multipliers will be added to all prizes in the win ladder.

Ready to see if you can become the property tycoon of London?


How to play

To first try and get on the property ladder on Slingo Monopoly, you first need to set your volatility. The other two symbols we didn’t go over earlier are the battleship which gives you seven rolls, eight extra rolls, and a top prize of £25,000 and the T-Rex which again gives you seven rolls, but infinite extra rolls and a top prize of £40,000.

Once you’ve picked a level you’re comfortable with, it’s time to set your bet. You can set it from as little as 20p. There’s no autoplay, but you can keep wagering. This means that once your first set of die rolls (which act as spins) are up, you can choose to either stake more or less when prompted.

The aim of this game, as well most other Slingo games, is to land five of a kind in a line, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. It’s a bit little like playing Connect 4! What’s sets it apart from other Slingo games however is the Chance and Community Chest elements that are included along with passing ‘Go’.

Rather than getting cash for doing it like in the board game, cash is added to the Free Parking square and if you land on that, you win the pot. Another difference that makes it stand out from other Slingo games is the Joker character. Here, he’s been added to the board and if you land on him, he’ll randomly select one card from each property to help you get closer to crossing them all off your list. The cards are then reshuffled, and you’ll be placed on the property that he picked.

Here you get to choose from nine playing cards, one of which has a cash prize that you’ll win if you pick the right card.

As well as all the good stuff from the board game there is also some of the not so good stuff — you can be put in Jail if you’re unlucky enough to land on it. Help is at hand though! If you roll a double, you’ll be released, or you’ll be let our scot free on the third roll attempt.

Why play Slingo Monopoly at Foxy Games?

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